uhaul skateboards

photos: megHan jobson

great minds think alike

buckin flog

This is what I looked like in 2003.

Fast forward to yesterday.
um, t.b.c.

bald eagle

tim had some major work on his teeth last year, i guess…after going through all that pain he decided he still didn’t need to brush his teeth.

i have a lot to blog, i’m just lazy. but the notion of losing my top spot has motivated me…i just have to finish my french homework first.

happy valentines day y’all

rock n’ roll trivia nights!


this links to Andrew Fansler’s flickr Slideshow of his new and old works:

this links to Ashley Love’s Etsy shop:

she’s a tattoo artist as well

also, I got a camera for christmas and I have around 200 pictures to sort through…be on the look out, as soon as i get acquainted with this Mac i’ll put them up.

it’s been a funny week

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but what will his fans parents say??!!?

i like these:

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and then this is hillarious:

i wish i could afford to buy one of them off ebay. to bad i don’t live in a major city or i would have tried to find one to sell myself.