bad news from greenville

my very good friend gunter gall passed away this past week while visiting his father in china. he was the first friend i made when my mother moved us to greenville. he skated and introduced me to alot of people that skated as well. anyone who met gunter knew right away what an interesting person he was. he used to come back from china with this knock off skate gear. he had dc syntax’s that said s. oliver on them and lrg. shirts that said ilg. once he ollied this enormous gap in clemson and road away with his feet side by side in the middle of the board. swear to god. please take a moment for gunter’s family. Gunter was fucking awesome. swett

i was eating at the mall in kennesaw when i came to the realization that more young girls have a tattoo on the small of their back than don’t.

if you can’t make it, fake it

‘you can’t take those, those are other peoples wishes, other people’s dreams!’
‘well this one right here, this is my wish, my dream; and it didn’t come true!! so I’m takin’ it back. I’m takin’ them all back.’

Bulbs of Passion

Dinosaur Jr. played the variety playhouse tonight in their original line up. J’s hair is still long and silver!

I saw Morbid Angel, Behemoth and Demonica last night. Death metal was not meant for America. Every one kept saying “fuckin'” in between there sentences. We’re “Morbid fuckin’ Angel and we love fuckin’ Atlanta.” How ever i did witness a man in his twenties snag #’s off two girls that looked like they were in the 8th grade. I got a picture of him.

oh yeah

i went to the lacoste store today. the clothes were a little bit cheaper. maybe i ought to get a jacket or something.

i was thinkin’ the other day. i’ll probably finish this later.