10 more days

it’s kind of awesome that out of the five of us, there’s only one person who actually owns a digital camera. and since he was the only one not present this weekend, there were no pictures to be had. we are flippin up


i went to birmingham, that place is the shoot. ph: hoagie

stalled out on the train tracks of life


flipping shootheads

another day, another dollar.

i hanged out with scotty and brett for this last weekend

ugggh, this is the next day.


eff it

i found a dollar on the ground today. it was cool.

we went to nathan’s house. his house is reallyweird.


nathan’s yard.

the bathtub was full of flowers.

our beautiful baby.


weekend the last

eric and rory were in town

we went to k&w but it was too crowded, so we made pancakes instead

stymie! this dude lives with stephen.

sky caught fire

*not pictured: sturgill, hip hop show at skatepark, getting drunk, getting kicked out of party, skateboarding

happy valentines day

i hate valentines day.


gat cable
check this out, its awesome.