School and Such..

So as of last week, I’m back in school. Here are a few slides shown that I particularly liked:

John Constable’s STUDY OF TREE TRUNKS. 1821. oil on paper.

Gustave Le Gray, BEECH TREE. 1855-57. Albumen silver print from a glass negative.

Roger Fenton, RIEVAULX ABBERY 1854. Albumen silver print from wet plate negative.

Roger Fenton, THE WHARFE AND POOL BELOW THE SRID. 1854-58. Albumen silver print from a wet plate negative.

Gustave Le Gray, BRIG UPON THE WATER. 1856 Albumen combination print.

Carroll, BEATRICE HATCH. 1873. Albumen print from wet plate negative applied with color.

Peter Henry Emerson, POLING THE MARSH HAY. 1886. Platinum Print.




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i am inspired by this: