Good friend and exroomie Julie is going back to France for a few months. I’m going to miss her.. but she’ll be back.


My family has been going to Yosemite National Park consecutively for the past 15 years. Even though I get to go there once a year for 4 days, it has become more of a home for me than any other place ever. However, I never really take many pictures while I’m there — mostly because I am more relaxed than ever. We usually go hiking to waterfalls, swimming in the swim holes, rafting in the lakes, and barbeque. Here are a few photographs taken by my brother Sean.

On the first night after our first meal, we usually take a night hike to lower Yosemite Falls. Yumi, my brother’s girlfriend and I, were playing around in the rock caves.

.. and another one.

Rock climbing and losing shoes.

This is my dad, Sai — probably the coolest dad ever. He usually only hikes up the bridge when we hike up to Vernal Falls.

My two brothers and my dad and I. All of our initials are S.M.L.

At Vernal Falls, I climbed some rocks and hopped into this mini grass field. The elevation was 1050ft high.

At the top of Vernal Falls, there is a swim hole. The water is super super cold.

My best friend and I in the swim hole at Vernal.


…. More pictures to come.

Laking —

I went swimming in the East Bay yesterday with Renee and Jake. My friend Jay from Florida was in town on a skatetour, so we invited him. More pictures to ensue.. I don’t have much time to upload many yet.. so here are a few:

This post consists of photos from The Eddie Adams Workshop that I took last October. Everybody was assigned designated locations; Vincent Laforet assigned me the Liberty Jail (medium security) in Upstate New York. The inmates I shot were on a soccer field during their “outdoor time”. At first they seemed a little apprehensive and were convinced that I was “from the feds” or that I was “a spy”. Others were more willing to have their photo taken and were eager to pose. While shooting them, I only requested that they were honest with me. Please let me know what you think.

Ab(dul), my photo assistant on the set.

While driving back from the jail, I saw this fun guy smiling, so I had to stop and take his photo.