sorry i haven’t been updating my blog but I’ve been busy with…the cool kids table at purple dinner; hotel empire, with chuck on my mind; olivier zahm; new york city you twinkle twinkle through the night; wasting my film with self portraits as fast as i can so i can switch to a higher speed; flower shopping with marcel who’s beautiful and talented; colby collects masks; dope body with a dog dick; homeless but not dreamless; hi colby; pick up the newest issue of huge magazine (japan) i have a photo in it; sometimes the world just turns red; liza-struck; alice in wonderland; colby-moon-ass; sara sara sara; gOd’s i; slutever; jessica tree; nyc chairs; cole counting money; tommy carries broken matt; liza in my hallway; hangin with jared leto and his bro; took photos of dustin dollin for the latest issue of purple; two bridges; julian casablancas hanging in my room, am i dreaming?; grant me a wish; sky sky sky; babelicious ashley smith