jason had a house party and audaticy, filth mongers, traditional fools, and pterodacdudes all played. these audacity kids… young and so adorable… but don’t judge them based on their age because they are ON POINT with the instrument playing skills. infact matt played the drums so hard his finger started to bleed and blood got all over the drum set which you can see right below.

the filth mongers and traditional fools played a sold out show at the hemlock. i don’t really remember to much….

lately i’ve been obsessed with refridgerators…. ive actually started a new project which wont be finished for a couple weeks but yall will see when it’s finished. anyways i find what people hang or keep inside their refridgerator far more interesting than what they hang on their walls. grocery lists, phone numbers, pictures, etc. It reveals personality, perculiarities and particulars of the inhabitants.

matt gordon had a show at the rvca gallery. siiiicccck paintings.

nates, actually on his knees.

i fuckin love mike, bff!!!!!!

one night we went on a drunken adventure to safeway, ate all their donuts/cookies, wanderd aimlessly, and never caught.