Holy shit, Can’t believe I’ve only blogged once this entire year. As you can imagine I have sooo many new photos, I dont even know where to begin. But I’m going to attempt and catch up on my blog. I guess while I wasn’t here blogging I’ve had solo shows in Japan, San Francisco, and New York! Released a music video I did for DIIV and Smith Westerns.I went on tour with DIIV and Starred to coachella and back to NYC and some of the photos were published in V man. Had our van break down in the middle of the highway at 2am in the morning then got towed by AAA to a hotel. Shot my girl Sky Ferreira for the cover of Fader, also the cover of the next Libertine Dune. Shot Ashley Smith for a purple fashion story and for RVCA, shot chief keef, dj’ed at heathers to prodigy and chinx, met larry clark, met terry richardson, designed and edited dog dance a book of photographs by brad Elterman, Was Nude in a Ryan Mcginley art show, hung out with Jason Pierce and his daughter poppy on her 13th birthday, had portraits I took of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in her most recent art book, hung out with the atl twins, had 2 publications come out, into the light by pogobooks and SKy2k by unipano, moved to brooklyn, had my period, blah blah blah I guess living is what you call it.


Happy 4 Year Anniversary to @moldyboy my one and only love