Hey, I’m coming out with a new album soon called Basketball: Adventures in Rebounding basically. Should be out here Valentines day. For now you can download my first two albums if you haven’t already.
They’re available as pay whatever you want downloads. Also, those who donate now will get my new album Basketball before it gets released on i-tunes on Valentines day.

Stages is my first release and is a mix of simple hip hop, tofu, elephants, electronic and acoustic recordings.

Stages 2006

Exercise is about 10 hip hop tracks recorded in living rooms, closets, bedrooms and bathrooms. Songs about my home town, soap, dreams and girls I’ve loved.
Exercise 2009

Please download my music if you don’t have it already and I can’t wait to get you my new album entitled Basketball: Adventures in Rebounding.

Very Much Love,

PS. Heres a couple videos of songs that are on my new album. The first one is by my roommate who thought my song was too fast and decided to slow it down for this video.

The second is a song called last night performed live.

Thanks in advance.