i miss my brother

thanks to bryan for these beautiful photos from Israel. Let my people go.

Gino da Aries Whippet

Mario recently sent this mass email out celebrating his baby boy and I’m re-posting it here along with some extra photos for those that didn’t get his email..

Hello Fellow Refugees,

Its been four years since i embarked on a trip with San Jose’s finest
up to Oregon. You know Carlos aka Kos rollin’ hard on the freeway with
a twelve pack of vanilla coke, Pat aka swooper dooper/midnight
predator on the BMX’er & Ben aka MC Bowlegged to pick up my breathless
wonder of a dog Gino. One of the funniest things is after meeting
GIno’s mom and Dad and picking him up from the farm, me, Kos, swooper,
and all natural no deoderant Ben and my new baby boy found a Ho-tel to
stay at. We were all very tired and about to crash out, when GIno
starts to pee on the carpet of the Ho-tel floor and then looks up at
us like, “Okay time to go to bed.” As we crash out, I wake up later to
find Gino sleeping mostly on Bens head and partly on his pillow. And
then I go to sleep and wake up to find GIno sleeping on my head. And
that was just a taste of what was to come being a full time dad. Many
over the top stories along with stressful ones, as well as a lot of
very funny moments along the way. All and all worth ’em all. Thanks
for keeping me hungry every day to wake up. I love you GIno boy, Happy


ps. Thanks to Pat for helping me put this together and for shooting da’ photos.