The New Santa, Mario, y D’lo

I filmed Scarub of 3 Melancholy Gypsies a few nights ago. He put on an amazing show and I’m proud of this footy so check it out homies..

Pat Parra Maternity T-Shirts

For all the pregnant ladies out there!
Hadas has been asking me for years for a t-shirt with this picture on it and here it is finally. Hopefully in time for Christmas and Chanukah. If you talk to Hadas, let her know.


“I sit quietly, listening to the falling leaves

Reign of Tigra R.I.P.

We love you Tigra. This is one of Danny’s earlier films he did in high school about our cat Tigra. We put Tigra to sleep a couple of weeks ago because she had cancer all over her face. She was 14 years old. I picked her out at the pound that long ago cuz she was orange like me. She ruled the house for a long time and kept our other cats and two dogs in check during her reign. I love her a lot like everybody who knew her did. We were mad tight and I broke down in tears at the vet for a long time and the cat killers felt really bad. What a job, to put animals to sleep. Anyway, this is a video Danny made showin’ how she use to roll even with a broke leg.

Dedicated to Tigra R.I.P.

Carrot Song Video