N.B.C. Partaaaeeeeey

I went home to San Jose because Nick, a super dope fresh good homie from middle school high school and nerd and skate camp, just bought a condo. Its super nice and he was having a housewarming party to celebrate. I took a lot of photos and here they are. I had a great time seeing a lot of great homies I haven’t seen in a long time. It was kinda like a high school reunion. I got a lot of love in my heart for all these guys and feel indebted to them forever for being amazing friends and sources of inspiration for me. Otro familia. Don’t know really what else to say about ’em but I’ll try and guide you through the madness that was and always has been a party at Nicks parents house and now Nicks own proper condominium.

It was a hot day in the jo’ so dudes went swimming and broed down. Chillin waitin for the ladies.

Travis and Marcus are kings of the jungle.

Tyler reppin’ sumpin hard.

Nick and Jess.

mars cruised through to.

and Ben.

And Stevie.

and me.

This is Nick the animal and host of the party with his prized beer gut.

and again.

and a sick ghostriding skateboarder tatoo.

Nick and Somebody elses girlfriend he pulled in for status points

Mark and Nick

Mars bewildered.

Nick and Mark

Travis and Sister named “Girl”

Mark doing his signature dance. I missed this one. This guy taught me how to freestyle in high school. He’s a siiiick rapper. Or tite or fresh or really dope. All of it.

Another Nick. I think there was like four Nicks at the party. This Nick is a dope Dj and Dub master. He has a name for this face but I forgot what he called it.

Louie came through to. He got the first track on my album. Mad love.

Nick put on a shirt.

Xina ain’t got time for shirts. I couldn’t resist puttin these up. Xina is a pin up model and charges 300 dollars an hour for people to take her photo now. I forgot to tell her I charge $500000oo00 an hour for a shoot but I hooked her up cuz I was in kindergarten with her sister.

She comes up with all the cool poses. Coat hanger steeze.

Jammin’ all nite.

Adam Rockin it

Adam at El Rincon.


A good homie Spencer is muy kind and made this video of our show at El Rincon last Tuesday. Spencer is a dope multitalented artist in San Francisco with a dopererer new website and skate video coming out soon. But it doesn’t matter what its called.

Mumlers Played again, this time at the Roller Rink, next time at Bottom of the Hill with the Morning Benders who I still gots to see.

Todo Show

Heres some photos from da show on the 10th. At El Rincon. Isiah and Penelope the newlyweds performed, then Adam rocked it, Then Formerly Known and still known as Heavy Mellow aka Felix Archuleta AKA Brian Archuleta played some grunge folk, then Melanie blessed us with her beat boxing skills, and I farted. Mario took a lot of the following photos. Enjoy gracias mucho gusto all nighter sory.

old la trippin

This guy in the hoody was apparently one of the hobbitts from Lord Of The Rings. Fresh Steeze!!!!