Lovebryan HQ.

Heres a bunch of random photos taken in the past two weeks. We got to visit the Lovebryan HQ. to see how he be runnin ‘ish. Fue nice.

Rasta farai bryan.

Headless wonder.

Danilo and Bryan contemplating new poses and locations.

“Yo dog, I get mad hits.”

Sometimes I get mad at me.

Other times I intimidate me.

And sometimes I drink my own pp.

Vien is another one of the best cancer homies ever.

What to wear?

Armpit hair.

Bryans about to mess up his shoes.

Bryan thinks suicide is funny.

Danilo talks him out of it.

Danilo is proud of his life saving speach.

Danilo and Bryan celebrate their love in the back of somebody’s truck.

“Got my vans shoes on but they look like sneakers.”

Weezer covers all nite long.

Mars’ RSA Face

Mars about to wrecka ho.