Family Tradition

found these old photos on the computer. they’re from when i was like 10 years old.

these are a few of my aunts and uncles. thats my dad in the red t shirt

Grandpa Molnar, My dad Greg, Uncle Brian, Uncle Dave, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Mark. what a bunch of wusses

Aunt Michelle, Grandma, Aunt Lisa.

them again

this my cousin marissa, and i forget who the little girl is.

the one in the middle is my cousin beth. im not sure about the other two

my sister, joanna, marissa and jessica. i havent seen or talked to any of them in years. i kind of miss them.

Cousin David, Jeffery, me (loo at that ill pirates hat) my brother paul in cross colors, and my cousin nick (he does backyard wrestling)

i thought this was me but its my aunt lisas baby boy. bummer, and i forget his name.


still no camera. this sucks.