bunch of randoms here. skateboarding while its raining, sams show, dj elliot at the orange peel.

ryan built this ramp. so much fun. baxter to fakie

ryan alley oop

baxter walling it up

lokk how high i got on this one

there was this table. frontboard bitches

we found this this.

making it happen

still trying to make it happen

i did it first

then baxter tried and he failed

minor ajustsments

a few more

frontside wallride

frontside ollie.

baxter fell again

and again. this time he got his shin tangled up in some chairs

baxter managed not to fall. backtail

ryan rock and roll

switch bitches



tnt inspired this one

rockin on the side

new spot, rob joined the ranks. wallrider


andrew made this grill for ryan. hes psyched

new spot, belleme joined in. breaking in

another one.

the next day was filled with drinking. i went to sams house to pregame before his show.

bf gf

i missed what was so funny

sams wails. hes the next big country star.

after his set i hit the megatouch. and i got this question

anthony killed me at rockem sockem robots

football convinced me to go to the toubab krewe show. i had to call lovebryan to get elliots number. i called elliot as he was going on stage, but he still came and got me and football in for free.

zulo was there

dj equal

wilder was there also

elliot had to check his myspace midset

last photo. the rest of that night is a blur. i remember dancing with girls, then realizing i was to faded to do anything. so i walked home and passed out. i woke up the next day fully clothed and had paint all over my hands.

good times

oh and all the skate photos are by cassandra

heres a few more

on a steel horse i ride, im wanted, waaanted, dead or alive

this house was kind of creepy

sammy gunz