Brunt and I got bored today, so we walked around town for awhile and ended up at the Pack Place Museum. It was pretty much boring but kinda of cool at the same time.

this is from the other night. brunt getting his art on

Cody arting

Josh is a rockstar

Hella PBR

we took advantage of the free red dot sickers. guns for life

me at josh’s

the science part of the museum was kinda lame. heres some rocks.

and more rocks

lets play with rice

pack place

more pack place

and more

famous volcanoes

we got bored quick





bored from earlier

this guy found gold

there was this bell you could make ring

i like.


me playing with this thing

sucks to be this guy

brunt is about to blow up some shit

brunt hangin tuff

brunt likes to learn

buckle up or die

there was this thing that we could roll golf balls down. it was stupid but check the skateboarder.

wreck shit

child labor should be brought back

this thing was awesome. you could speed up and slow down this video. brunt said it was all filmed 500 frames per seconds.

brunt said this caveman head looks like his friend cuyler

unused dart bored. slackers

this is one of those spinning room things. brunt had no trouble laying down inside of it. but i could step inside for 5 seconds without get dizzy. im a wuss


look at the frog skeloten

apparently this is what is underneath us

female skulls are smaller than male skulls. proving men are smarter, sorry ladies.

this fetus is pretty rad

oh this is from last night. broadways entire floor is covered with pabst stencils

for all you vegans. follow this.

this is one of the 4 fossils in the science museum

this is also from the other night. look at this dude. he ruled the pong table

magic crystals

this girl was hangin tuff before brunt did


more grills

also from last night, corner pocket bathroom. hella guns runs this shit

we are here

there were hills

this thing was here

kids in the tunnel of blood

kid skeletons are cool

see how much bigger this skull is than the female. booya

tender situation

more grills

this is what me and brunt got bore with earlier

another boring photo

i made a hella good oragami bat

a lot of stuff was out of order

this is where i was born

walk it

broken pool table at broadways last night. free pool rule


it wouldnt fit

shaq was there

this is brian after his journey across the us

dont steal our paper

brunt is the techno man

drawing of you grill

a giant tuning fork

this thing is awsome the tunnel of blood

brunts got ups

this thing made bubbles. boring

this this was dumb. it expanded to this

the incredible brunt