some friends and i went to the movies last night. upon returning to our car, we noticed the back right window of teds car was gone. at first, we didnt think the culprits had taken anything. molnars ipod and cell phone were still there, along with a few other gadgets worth a couple hundred a peice. i forgot i had brought my camera with us earlier in the day. mike had mentioned wanting to film something, so i absentmindedly grabbed my camera bag on our way to get breakfast. it ended up raining all day, so we didnt skate and ended up just trying to kill time until the movie at 10:30. for the first few seconds everyone was somewhat relieved over everything still being in the car and the only damage being teds window (which isnt the first or second time thats happened to him). but then jacob chimed in. “man, your camera bag is gone”. it took me a second to remember that i had brought it with us that day. i instantly had an anxeity attack and went off in the trees by myself for about an hour until the police showed up. the cop tried to comfort me by telling me that it was probably going to end up in the pawn shops and to just check around. i know theres no chance of me getting my property back though. $3000 gone while i was 100 yards away crying laughing at a 60 foot wide screen. whatever.