So I decided to take some photos. Some are old ones.

Courtney watches this show more than anyone on earth. Half of the Tivo is filled with it. Her mother bought her this t-shirt.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Mandatory Brunt photo.

And Hunt.

And drinking.

Hopefully I can save money to get this tattooed on my right rib cage.


My roomate took this somewhere.

When Courtney is studying, Duffman sits in front of her door for hours.

Except when I get ahold of him.


My messy room. It has recently developed this odd odor. Quite revolting, but its coozy. Even though i lose stuff on a daily basis.

This is my clean clothes pile at the end of my bed. And you might notice the basket from before, i tried to clean up a little but I lost interest. Under the box theres a pabst box which holds my socks, which are all dirty.


And a movie.

I got this at a porn shop in West Virginia.