I only had the camera for about 2 hours. I didn’t really get any pictures of everyone that showed up, but I got some good ones. Brunt and Belleme also had their cameras so expect blogs from both of them.

Birthday Boy. I dont have photos of Mike. Whatevs, Happy bdays guys.

Rory came out.

Eliza and Football were here. At about 3 am I forgot Elizas’ name. Sorry.

Eliza rules and so do these shades.

Self photo with Eliza.

Paul came over with a box filled with Sbarro pizza.


Gettin’ jiggy.

Dancin’ on the stoop.

Jon was there, he was wasted.

Throw up yo set.

First try.

Second try. Brunt gettin some.

Me gettin some.

Betsy took everyones money. I lost hella hard at cee-lo.

Late into the evening we went to the graveyard to set off fireworks. It was rad. Betsy was to scared to go into the graveyard so she hung out with the hippies across the street. What a wuss.

Ted looking like he peed on himself. Its just beer. More photos from Brunt coming soon.

The morning after. There were about 200 cans and bottles spread about the yard, porch, and in the ding room. It took me an hour to clean all this crap up.