After the Krooked premiere, we went dpwntown to drink on the street. Also we hungout in the “lot” with hippies. Little did we know that hippies get so agro when you take their pictures. I didnt get any photos of the agro hippies.
But i think Mike did.

on our way to the lot.

Heres a few winners.

Good lord.

I can feel the colors.

We saw Tony chillin.


I fucked this bottles day up.

My running Crew

Brunt blogging.

Ted like to hump stuff.

This guy was passed out.

Tapping a kidney on some hippies car. Oops.

We decided to leave downtown, and go to Teds for more beer. On the way up the steps i noticed my bike was still alive.


Ted has a mold of a penis tied in a knot.

Ted getting some assistance with his smoke.

Ted put the hand on a drill. We were drunk, it was funny.

Ted found this Satan mask.

Mike turns 21 on saturday, so he’s drinking illegaly for a few more days.

This penis has some weird design on the other side. Ted also has the mold for this. Oh He found these molds a few years ago, in a rundown abandoned warehouse. The Molds were laying at the bottom of a pile of other molds. Score.

Satan rules.

Bloggin Mike bloggin.

Smoke and get high.

Mandatory phot of Teds work.

Brunt were his stunna glasses at night.

By the way Satan rules.