Last saturday was my roomates 25th birthday. He bought a keg for everyone to enjoy. Most of the people were involved in the cee-lo tourney.

Cesspool came from Raliegh to see Sonic Youth, and get drunk.

Abbey came out, she rules.

Betsy is Abbeys’ best friend, she also rules.

Blisterfist was there.

Brunt wouldnt miss free beer.

Abbey and Betsy.

Ted and Brunt getting close.

Crawford Winstead


Dj Football and the Lobsterman

Yeti is only 21.

Brunt winning, Courtney losing.

Jesse came out on her bike.


Still pimpin.

Ross works all the time. glad he made it out.

Emily was here, she rules.

Look at Charles cheesin hard in the backround.

Break from cee-lo.

Sam showed up with forties because he thought the keg would run out.

Eventually the keg did run out, so Greg, Craw, and I went to get more beer. Four 12 packs of pabst $28, Four 6 packs of Yeungling $36, Everyone leaving the party shortly after beerrun $0, Fridge stoked up 4 days later, Priceless.

Murkleson was drunk, he fell victim to the bushes.

Our toilet sucks, i had to fix it a few times. Gross.

Brunt came up.

These two love birds disappeared sometime.

Posted up on the stoop. Dice all night.

Emily was the last person to leave. She knows how to rage.

Erich is a quarter of century old.