I bought three disosable cameras over the last few months. I waited until today to get all of them developed. Theres some keepers in here. Enjoy!

Hella Guns

Rob, under the influence.

We went to Ryan’s to eat the hella buffet. Belleme decided it would be a good idea to cut an onion in his salad. It ended up all over his lap.

While I made the biggest ice cream cone ever.

I had like four licks, then i was over it.

Zulo can ollie higher than you. Front nose at monorail.

Mullet at Wal-Mart

Self photo?

Kenny and Marshall drink more than anyone I know.

Booze and shoes. Drunken photo.


Mike is a wuss.

Johnny guitar. Sam gets wasted as well.

The rest of these are our recent Raliegh trip. Burke came to visit me for a week. We stopped in Hickory to look for some spots.

We spotted this drop-in from afar. After getting kicked out, Brunt did the whole thing.

We went to Lenoir Rhyne to look for some shit to skate. This bear was chilling at the entrance.

I was the bears’ next victim. We didn’t get any photos of the spots there. Fun day, now we’re of to Raliegh.

Burkes’ mom is a 911 dispatch manager. We found her daily itinerary in her car.

This is part of Cesspools’ school in Wake Forest. The Digital Circus. These domes are flush with the ground. Wallrides for days. This might be the best thing i have ever skated. Brunt got higher than all of us. Let me say it again, BEST SPOT EVER.

We went to this abandoned Win-Dixie to scope a rail out. We got kicked out, while Cess was at the gas station getting a drink.

Josh gets gas before our never-ending drive through Raliegh. We were in the car more then on our skateboards. It was hella fun though. Brunt and I both filmed a line. Its always fun to get out of Asheville, even for a weekend

This is wicked patch of chest hair.