I checked out some rad events in Asheville recently. One was the Action Fest which was an action film festival. I shot a little bit of the stunt show:

The other was the Re-Happening, an art festival at Lake Eden.

At Sea

Anyone who’s followed my blog for a long time knows that I go on a cruise once a year. My purpose on the ship is to shoot idillic photos of people enjoying tropical paradise. I don’t find these photos to be dishonest (at least any more so than any other commercial photography), although I see cruises in a very different way. For the last three years I’ve used any free time I’ve had to document the cruise as I see it. Bizzarre is the best word. They are a strange cultural phenomenon well worth exploring. Here’s this year’s batch.
Also, here’s a link to the full collection of with photos from previous years:

Shopping for trouble

I took a trip down to my favorite southern town, Savannah with the homies. Kristen and I usually go there to visit, but I’d been wanting to take a skate trip down for a long time. Tuned out, like most skate trips, to be more of a party trip.

Right after this a cop whipped around the corner flashing blue lights. He said he’d been watching us act like idiots for a while. Eric offered to go back and clean up the spilled beer bottles, gesturing in the general direction with his corn cob, but he let us go on our way.