For any of you who have been following this site from the beginning you may know that my first blog ever on this site was Coon Dog Day. Three years have passed and we again find ourselves at that time of year. I was raised in the small town of Saluda North Carolina. Although I am less a product of my environment than most of the good ol’ boys that I grew up with in Saluda, I still feel that the town has contributed greatly to my identity. And Cood Dog Day contributes very greatly to the identity of this small mountain town. Coon Dog Day is an annual festival held in celebration of the dogs used to hunt raccoons.

Coon dog day is always good for some epic word play. Who could forget 2002’s Osama Coon-ladin float?

The hillbillies are the main event of the Parade.

This is the skate park that I designed, helped build, and managed years ago. This is pretty much the extent of its use these days. There are a few kids still holding down the skate scene though.

I ran into my old best friend Joe. I spend much of my time at Coon Dog Day avoiding eve contact with old acquaintances that I don’t particularly want to see, but Joe is one person that I was excited to see again and catch up with.

This is the first year that I was able to make it to the dog show. Here a coon-testant… (I’m sorry that was truly unforgivable, but in the spirit of the celebration I’m gonna let it fly) struggles to get her hound under control while the judge makes the rounds.

See you next year.