I took a road trip out to Missouri with Kristen and her family for Kristen’s grandparents 50th anniversary. We took two cars.

I started reading “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac during this trip. Our trip was kinda like that, but we only made it a third of the way.
Elliot (Kristen’s brother) drove the “kid car”.

When we got to St. Louis the first thing we did was went to the zoo. This Amish kid shunned me cause I was using technology and they are not down for that. I guess contraceptives fit into that category too.

I was hoping the giraffe would lean down and kiss the bird on the head. I could have totally one upped that famous shot of the giraffe kissing its baby. Whatever, I’m not patient enough for nature photography… not even in a zoo.

We were trying to find our way to the Elephants lord of the rings steez.

Gandalf even showed up and fought off some dragons to help us out.

And Kristen was bummed cause she lost her battle ax.

We went to the arch but it was raining.

We didn’t even get out of the car.

It rained a lot and the Mississippi got really high.

After eating some ice cream and more of Kristen’s grandparents food (not the anniversary grandparents, different ones) we headed to Columbia Missouri where everyone was hustling to get ready for the event. Kristen’s mom was making hula skirts for their performance.

Kristen’s needed a little more in the back.

They had a practice session in the basement. Samantha Mae and Alma were the only ones who actually knew how to Hula dance.

Grand kids chillin’.

I find four leaf clovers a lot.

This would be Kristen’s album cover if she was on some Enya shit.

This would be Kristen’s album cover if she was on some Marilyn Manson shit.

This bridge was just across from the Casino that the event was at.

You had to shimmy up a tree to get up to it and walking on it was pretty sketchy.

I told Simon to not look gangster and this is the face he made.

Whenever I decide that Simon is looking too gangster, I just take a picture of something else.

The last night was the anniversary party.

This is Kristen’s grandmother aka lola.

I didn’t shoot much because there was an open bar and there was some other guy shooting so I figured I’d let him cover it.