bowl sesh

Jon Svendsen built a bowl in his barn out in the hills somewhere. I went with a bunch of folks to skate the bowl. I started to skate and then I remembered that for me skating a bowl basically feels like tight rope walking over a fiery pit of lava. Out of my element to say the least. So I decided to shoot photos instead.

I took a few photos and then I remembered that I am the worlds worst skate photographer… So I decided to do the only thing left to do. Photos of people with available light.

Finally I feel a little less like a loser.

Cesspool revs up. He got really good at tranny while he was living in Raleigh.

The man himself.

Ryan’s got hurricanes on lock. If I wasn’t such a loser I would have a rad photo of him slashing through one right here. Oh well.

The above quote is a excerpt from a legendary freestyle by Justin Fyle. I’ve been waiting for the opportune time to use it.

Molnar got his hair did.

His hair dresser, Ashley kept on dropping things over and over. Molnar was patient with her and didn’t seem to mind a bit.

Brunt shaved his head to pay respects to Swayze. Actually he just accidentally set the guarder too low on his clippers. It happens.

Ashley was all about getting her cleavage properly documented and Molnar kindly obliged.

24.5% Gangstaaaaaaaaaaaa

Once the cut was done, we took it to the skreets.

Molnar’s air. Must be the due.

I shot this one upside down and then flipped that shit for all you ingrates out there.

Molnar picks his nose more than any other human alive.

He took the corn rows out the next day which puts Molnar back at 13% Gangster.

Spring Breeaaaaakkkkkk

Kristen and I headed to our favorite weekend getaway for a few days. Savannah is always fun and we get to visit good people.

I made a horror movie starring Kristen as a possessed Asian doll out for blood. Not really… But this is a start, I’ll make the movie later.

We went back to this graveyard from last time because I wanted to reshoot a medium format shot. Kristen took this gem while I was waiting for good light and being attacked by mosquitoes… who are also out for blood and will also star in my movie that I will make later.

We went to a historic fort. It was the first fort to be destroyed by rifled cannons and marked the end of forts all together. It would suck to be famous for getting your ass kicked.

We had a bet for who would see a gator first. I won, but Kristen tried to play it off like she saw it first.

Hopefully the Mormon web hosts won’t decide that this photo is pornographic and strike the site again.

Here are some black and whites from the trip. And there are medium format shots to come soon.