So many unblogged photos. I guess I should start with back then and end with now.

Josh is an outdoorsman through and through.

Luke is less of an outdoorsman. But he also stood up in a tree.

Ryan, Luke, Lauren and I went for a walk in the woods. I was sick but still managed to snap a few shots between coughing fits.

Beer and cigarettes fuel Ryan for the long hike.

We went to Ingles to get stuff to make Lasagna. This lady works at Ingles.

While they were cooking I made it my mission to take a cool picture of the turtle. I’m not so sure if I accomplished my goal, but this was my best effort.

I went to an auction in the middle of nowhere a while back.

I didn’t stay long because most of the people didn’t seem to take very kindly to me.

These guys were down though.

Recently I have gotten interested in night photography.

It takes a whole lot of patience though…

Waiting for someone to walk into the right spot instead of walking behind the camera trying to be courteous and not get in front of your shot.

Will made it to Asheville again. Always a pleasure. Especially since he always makes us a bangin’ dinner.

I’ve been wanting to get a shot of a wild turkey to give to Eric Hunt for a while now. Since he has been known to drink the turkey every once in a while and is the founder of the “Turkey Posse”.

I don’t know how this came to be, but it was outside my apt for a while. Kristen was not into it.

Paul fell skating and gashed his shin open. While cleaning up the blood, Ryan found this piece of bone which they assumed came from his shin. They went to the hospital where Paul got 5 stitches and the doctor confirmed that the piece that was found was in fact a bone… However, there was no piece missing from Paul’s shin. Mysterious shit.

Speaking of skating and getting hurt. I kickflipped this gap and I’ve been trying frontside flip ever since and I have had all kinds of fun bruising my heels, slamming on my hip, losing my board into large puddles, etc.

Kristen and I took our Kitten on it’s first outing.

She was pretty scared of outside and it was quite entertaining.

Eating all our food just like at home.

She totally freaked out at one point. It was funny.

I went out shooting with a couple guys who are running a photography business in Asheville. We went over to this guys house and took pictures of him raking the lawn.

It got a bit silly, but we had fun and Kirk (our model) had a well documented day of work.

We skated this pool yesterday in a place that I cannot tell. It’s far from Asheville though so don’t get your hopes up.

It was very symmetrical.