Columbia…and then.

I’ve been going to Columbia a whole lot lately since getting on Nobyl. Last weekend I went down for the premier of the new video “Everything is free”.

Rorey, Justin, and George came along for the ride.

This is what sleeping on the floor feels like. Early start to a day full of ripping.

This is the only spot I took photos at because I didn’t feel like skating it. Justin got a ridiculous amount of footy as he always does.

Front board to fakes. I’ve trained justing to fill the frame perfectly without going out of frame. Notice his hand scraping the top of the frame in each photo.

Mr Eugene Wangster himself, professional filmer and, of course…

male model of the year in Vogue 1954.

Rorey did the gnarliest drop in.

But had to put in some serious work/ass damage for it.

The Hulk Hogan of skateboarding.


After the premier and the after party that I didn’t take pictures at. (Migel had it covered). We went back to Migel’s house where most of the people crashed.

Another night on the floor.

NC say’s sleep is for the weak. Luke and Hunt drove down separately.

I don’t think Rorey got a very good night of sleep and George almost got his head cut off by a snowboard.

Back in NC, Luke came to visit my new kitten.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but we’re throwing around “Bon bon” which is Spanish for marshmallow.

Luke had to wear Lauren’s cloths because South Carolina claimed his.

Ngari ran away a while back so we found a fill in until he decides to come back. The new one is just as rambunctious and blood thirsty. One thing is clear… I got worse at taking pictures of cats drinking out of glasses.


Most of the photos of kitty are blurry because she is such a spaz by the time I focus she’s already a foot away.

Will came into town for a while from Columbia. He is into photography as well so I took him to the Ice House AKA artsy fartsy paradise. You may want to get some wine and cheese before entering this part of ze’ bloge’.

Art by Will.

We explored some rooms that I had not been in yet and farted some art.

art by will.

Warning these images may give you an Art-on.

OK enough of that, time to go back to shooting people.

Alright, so I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the “Uncle Dirty” Blog. It’s coming very soon, I’m just making some final adjustments. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a little sneak peak. Can’t reveal too much yet…

Many of the questions that are going through your head right now will be answered in the next blog.

God’s got money

A few weeks ago I was hired for a video shoot without even knowing what it was. It turned out to be a music video for Billy Graham. It had a huge budget so the pay was right. Last week I got another call saying that Billy didn’t like his video so they doubled the budget and scheduled another shoot. I was busy most of the time lifting church pews and other ridiculously heavy things, but I found a little bit of time to shoot some stills during the second shoot.

The band was very silly, but it was shot SO beautifully.

They were serious about some worship.

At least one of them was.

It took from 6:30 AM to 3:45PM to set up.

The guy on the left is John Kelly. He was the crane operator from ATL and I was his right hand man all day.

I’m not sure what this guys job was aside from being a stand in. He did that for most of the day.

$100,000 hovering 25ft above the ground.

This guy was my favorite.

They all seemed so wholesome, but I can see right through them.

I’m not sure if he realizes that he’s gay yet.

Fog monster.