Like a lump on a blog.

This one spans a lot of time. I’ve been taking lots of random pictures around town before I go into work.

Prichard park is the best place to find down town lurkers to take photos of.

This is Shorty. He’s the most popular among the down town lurker crew.

Jake and lurker

This guy charged me a quarter to take this photo.

Jake cut his mullet. It’s a shame, he could have been a star.

It was good while it lasted.

This kid is starting a revolution. PUSH-Flipside reppage.

This is the only kid left skateboarding in my hometown of Saluda. He rides his scooter to town every day and kills the park all by himself.

Me and Hunt drove down to G-Ville some time ago. I spilled my Pina Colada smoothie that Swett bought for me.

Smoothie… I swear.

Allen was riding his bike and his front wheel came off and he dislocated both of his shoulders. He took it like a champ though. This is only a couple hours later.

Mike loves his dog, Doug.

We found a new up ledge.

Not so buttery at first.

lil luber miiiight do the trick.

Britney Spears: K grind.

Eric and I found an awesome old building and explored until it got dark.

And we worked on Hunt’s modeling portfolio

I graduated College

Piss Couch

I hope Hunt lives forever. Or at least until I’m dead.

Eric’s friend Sydney and her roomie came up for a few days from ATL. It was fun having them around.

Rob came out

We took them to the best Graffiti wall in town.

I have a new favorite sound. Next time you see a baby ground hog give it a good poke in the ribs.

hours of entertainment.

I’ve always had a knack for finding these.

Joric Huntlar gettin toasty.
I’m off to Italia this weekend. I’m on the straight photo mission, so expect bloggage upon my return.

One shot wonder

I shot this one yesterday. It makes me happy.

The end.

I’ve been skating a lot lately. That’s fortunate.

FORTUNATELY Rob told us about some crazy ditch and took us out to it.
UNFORTUNATELY we had to trek through a swamp to get there.

FORTUNATELY the spot was awesome and well worth the hike.
UNFORTUNATELY it was already getting dark when we got there.

UNFORTUNATELY Rory’s board rolled down the hill into the river.
FORTUNATELY it landed upside down balanced perfectly on the only rock in the stream.

UNFORTUNATELY there was a barbed wire fence between him and his board
FORTUNATELY Rory’s scrawny ass found a way to slither in between the wire and get his board.

UNFORTUNATELY while Rory was fishing his board out Hunt hit a rock cruising down the ditch and reopened his perma-Jesus hands.

FORTUNATELY Jesus hands always make for good portraits

UNFORTUNATELY Rory’s board was ruined durring the rescue effort.
FORTUNATELY you don’t need pop to do wall rides.

UNFORTUNATELY I didn’t take many photos so this blog is OVERRRRR.

Grinds of all kinds

Justin Grinds his butt against the wall

I grind far

Mical grinds up.

some things don’t grind…

…without a little grind lube.

Rory grinds rainbows.

I grind uuuuuuuup and dooooooown.

Kyle grinds walls…
(with a cop right inside of the front door… 1 try… Can’t fuck up the trick, can’t fuck up the shot…photo has to be into the magazine within 3 hours… pressure!)

Come see me and my friends grind next Thursday.