Gettin paid to steal souls

My latest photo gig was for the pilot episode of the new TV series “Local Color”. It’s a Television version of the radio show on WNCW hosted by Kim Clark. I was the behind the scenes photographer. My job description was simple… Shoot everything.

The studio was in a church. The band that was being spotlighted was called Stephanie’s ID

This is the host Kim Clark. She is a very nice lady.

She interviewed Stephanie.

Kim is also very smart

This is my good friend Chris Riddle. I’ve known this guy for as long as I can remember. And his dad was my 8th grade science teacher.

When you shoot through glass you have to clean it with news paper because it doesn’t leave any residue.

They told me to get artsy shots that they can incorporate into the video.

James was the DP. 3 cameras rolling at all times.

These people really like music.

My last blog ever :(

HAHAHAHA! April fools. This is not really my last blog. Man, I got you guys so good. Nobody expects that shit on the 6th. Garsh, so much has happened since I last blogged. Where to start…

…We went to Greenville to hang out with Mike Swett. This kid showed up and made my day.

He found this porn mag AND a nugget of weed (weed found at his house) in the same day! JACK-POT… No pun intended of course.

Mike uncovered some top secret scriptures.

back to this kid. He thought my camera was a video camera and he told me to film him talking shit and show it to some kid named David that beat him up last week.

“I don’t give a shit if I smell like B.O.”

This spot was really dirty, but fun and you never get kicked out.

We held a SUPER JUMBO MEGADEATH BOOM BOOM HUCK JAM JUMBO RAMP HIGH AIR CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were the rankings:
1- Mike Swett
2- Danny Way
3- Mam Bargera
4- Lincoln Ueda
5- Tod Falcon

Skating was fun, but conquering was way more epic.

Did I mention that this is SOUTH Carolina and not NORTH Carolina. Just wanted to make sure that was clear to all you Cali folk.

I guess this would be a good time to tell everyone that Blood Money is done and premiering tentatively on May 10th. Everyone give Eric Hunt a big hug when you see him.

Give Ted a hug too, why not.

SOUTH Carolina. I’m not hating on SC though. I have a blast every time I go down there and my SC homies are the best.

Kenzie is my favorite “Little Person” skater. Way sicker that Jason Acuna and Poncho Moler.

Something about this photo struck me as odd, but I couldn’t place it… Then it finally hit me

… Who wears green shoe laces as a belt?

No more Mike, Time to go home.

In other skate related news, Justin Lipslid a twelve stair the other day with about 15 ft of roll up second try… No filmer

In way more important and epic skate news, I learned like a thousand new tricks at Amboy the other day. (Arts by Brunt)

can opener

Double footed late flips. Got em.

I call this one the kickboxer.

And I learned Nose slides.

I think Ross’ face says it all.

I took my latest photo in the “Kristen on banester” series. 4 down.

We went night arting a few nights ago. These are dedicated to Brunt and Molnar.

I’m sure they will appreciate them.

There have been a few birthdays in town lately. Yeti’s was lots of fun as expected. Dress for success.

Yeti is always dressed for sucess.

Jacob rolled up with a mullet like a fucking angel sent from heaven. Justin cut it right before they came to the party.

Brunt and GF Cody.

Last man dancing

Dylan gets paid 30 bucks an hour to pose nude for art students. That’s what you get when you got a face like that.

Justin had to hire Kim to do his styling

Hoody sports coats are cool.

I dressed accordingly

I think this was a tough look gone horribly wrong.

John Wilder also has a pretty fresh hair style going.

Horry Rips


Jacob pissed in the street, then cleaned it up with his Polo T-Shirt.

Molnar also just had a B-day. I think he’s like 40 now.

We skated our new, but soon to be gone, spot. Hunt: Nose grind shuvit (the hard way).

Eric is happy about skating something other than Amboy.

We went to a Serpants show the other night and Hunt got hit on by this flame juggler.

i saw that Bryan cought a little bit of flack for over dodging the eyes in his portraits, so I’m just going to buy everyone contacts.