I got a new lens

… I think I’m gonna like it.

Always looking for shit to knock over.

snow and faces

It was a winter wonderland in Asheville a few days ago. Today it was like 75 degrees. Fuckin’ El Nino.

Ngari watches Kristen make fog art.

The world is your canvas.

We had to un freeze the car before leaving.

Our Christmas tree flew away.

I didn’t realize that parking lots could be such a blogging paradise.

Jacob eats vegans

I don’t know.

full fledged dance party

How come when Bryan gets bored he goes and climbs a tower with a city view or goes to Thailand, and I’m stuck taking pictures of these ass holes jumping in a parking lot.

Jake made a friend.

I bought this for a buck at some weird consignment shop. It was full of cheerful old ladies who made silly remarks about my lazy eyed owl.

Eric’s Whiskey face doesn’t seem nearly as bad next to a bobbly eyed owl.

Eric cleans up nice

Greg and Greg art.

Ngari ate all of my friends.

…Survival of the fittest I suppose

I have a strange obsession with getting cool numbers on my odometer. 123456 was the most epic moment of my life.

I have to be a professional food photographer in a month and a half, so I’m practicing lighting on a potpourri right now.

Kristen fixed the button on my coat, thanks.


Hunt, Cesspool and I took off to ATL this weekend. There was lots of rain, but just as much fun.

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play.

Mike started working out every morning before skating and recruited Cesspool for some earlyish morning iron pumpage.

Cesspool of muscles.

This is the only spot we skated all weekend. It’s one of the best spots I’ve ever skated.

The next day was a wet one. That’s when the Pandamonium began.

Pandamonium is another one of Mike’s morning rituals.

This large wagon wheel just happened to be in the back yard, so he decided to see if he could roll it into the fence.

We thought that the clump of concrete would slow the wheel down, but it actually picked up a lot of momentum. Eric flees the scene.

It took a hard right and smashed into the house despite cesspool’s best efforts.

After another attempt with the wheel which resulted in another dent in the porch, Mike decided he needed to handle the fence issue differently.

Mike is the best person to have around when you are in need of blog material.

PANDAMONIUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM! If I show the panda enough times I’m hoping that Brunt and Molnar won’t leave comments saying “You misspelled Pandemonium”

I’m not sure how to explain how this photo came to be. Only through the mind of Mike Swett could this one exist.

Hunt got a bad case of Jesus hands from last nights drunken hillbombing session.

This was also a result of the hillbombing incident. He wasn’t even phased by the scrapes, however, he complained for about an hour and a half about the one inch rip in his sweater.

I doubt Mike Jones did very well in this election, because everyone of his signs was stolen. I bet he thought his competitor was taking them.


Mike took us to a market for lunch. On the way he showed us this spot and cursed at whoever tried to tranny the wall.

Later that night Hunt, Cess and I walked around down town and thought about what tricks we would do tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

Later we went over to the skate house. This is David Clark’s room. You can only see about half of his Nike collection from here. It pays to be better than everyone else at skating.

Some girl came over to visit David. After about a half hour on the phone with her trying to explain what a call box was and what a pound sign was, she made it in and brought him this necklace.

They are moving out next week, so they have given up on keeping the neighbors happy. Flatground mini board sessions into the wee hours.

Matt tre flipper.

Chris, Sterg and his new girly.

If you know Sterg, then you know how stoked he is.

Brock was visiting his NC home for Christmas the holidays, but Mike payed his respeks. If you don’t know that Justin Brock is form Mt Airy, wears glasses, and skates for Nike and Real… This probably doesn’t make much sense.

I am having a hard time remembering the sequence of events, but I THINK this was the next day. It’s a good next day kind of photo, so I’m going with it.

Mike found this crate-O-porn on the side of the road. Like a little kid on Christmas day.

I had never heard Mike drum before, so I was glad to wake up to double bass peddles every morning.

THE END…is near.