gimme dat paperrrrrrrrr.

Well I got two guesses as to how much was in the Box-O-Change. My guess was $275. Bryan guessed that it was more than $4, and Pat guessed $300.

The total was actually $291.46. My brother’s girlfriend, Lindsey also guessed $300 which made her the closest out of anyone who was involved in our little family bet by $4. She gets $30 as a reward. If I was in California I would give Pat a pat on the back.

Well that’s about all I have to report right now. Here’s a couple of pics from this week.

This would be a view of Asheville, but instead it’s a view of fog.

I always keep water by the bed for when I wake up thirsty. It’s usually not there when I wake up.

Once he gets down to where he can’t reach the water anymore he shuvs it onto the floor where he can finish it off.

Christmas on a budget.

Christmas is a time for looting and penny pinching. And we should all be thankful…

…That Mary didn’t bail.

So about two weeks ago I found out about this crazy cult church near my school. They are into beating kids and speaking in tongues and such. Also there are no windows in the church. It’s located at the end of a dead end street and they follow you from when you first turn onto it. They usually stop you and ask who you are and why you’re there, but if they don’t catch you they have a surveillance camera that runs your tag and they have their friends at the police station call and ask what you are doing.

On the last day of school I decided to take a walk down to the church. I made it about half way down the street before I raised my camera up to take this photo. I was immediately rushed and given the full interrogation. Well worth it for the experience though.

In the spirit of Christmas, Jacob stole his Moms car the other day.

I don’t know if you all have experienced the new Mac computers with the camera inside that can make your face do all kinds of weird shit…Well Macs are expensive, so these Christmas ornaments from K-Mart will have to suffice for now.

Christmas on a budget can be fun however, 25 bucks for a tree seems a bit silly so we decided to improvise. I’m sure whoever’s yard this was in won’t miss it a bit.

totally incog.

I was blogging my ass off while Kristen did all of the easy work.

No work ethic

That’s a nice lookin’ tree. Nice and full. Looks about the right size.

Hmmm, we may have miss judged by a bit.

Right out of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation… I was waiting for a squirrel to jump out and chase us around the house.

Just needs a little trimming that’s all.

Ngari was in his element.


We are hoping that Santa will bring us a vacuum cleaner

Some might say it’s obtrusive, but I would call it snug.

It’s Christmas every month now. Thanks Bob and Layne.

My dad gave me a big box of change for a graduation gift. We all took guesses on how much it was… Any guesses???

Asthetic Stimuli

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! I’ve been busy lately, but not too busy to snap some flicks.

LOSE CARBS. I told Molnar to skate a trashcan so I could pretend to take pictures of him… I think she caught on after a while.

We got a bit more blatant about it.

The other night Kristen and I made the best stir fry ever. We just threw some nuts and a bunch of veggies in a pan and boom.

This is a special coffee table from Ikea that can magically transform into a dinning room table.

Kristen doesn’t do tart, but she’ll take one for the blog.

My cousin Gracie is the cutest thing on the face of the earth.





This is John Menick. I’ve been doing some work for him lately. He is the ultimate purist. Old school medium format, nothin but b&w, and lights from WWII.

The client was this lady from Romania.

Unfortunately I was about her height.

Jon shows her how it’s done.

He know what he doin’.

I was on documentation duty for the website.

My world civilization teacher is writing a book about southern gas station diner culture. He needed photos and I need brownie points.

Best chef ever.

She was awesome.

I think this one pretty much sums it up.

Kristen and I went to this crazy building that Brunt told me about. Artsy fartsy paradise!

I taught Kristen how to silhouette.

It’s like a forest inside. Oh, and there’s ghosts.

Don’t believe me? Where the fuck is my head? Kristen shot this on her 35mm. No Photoshop at all. ????????

Kristen shot this too. We got way too artsy.

I’m getting a medium format in a week once I get done with school (for ever) Film is just too butterryyyyyyyyyyyyy.