River Pirates

Last weekend Kristen and her work buddies decided to enter a river boat race on the French Broad River. They thought it would be a fun way to spend an hour or so, but it turned into a 6 hour fight for survival.

I sat at the finish line with my 300mm zoom to the horizon waiting for them, but eventually I got word that they were a few hours behind schedule.

So I went down town where Goombay festival was taking place.

This parade went all over Asheville.

Then back to the finish line where all but four of the boats had completed the race. Still no Kristen.

While I was waiting I chilled by the river with my new homie.

Finally the speed racers make an appearance.

Kristen was so burnt she barely even shows up in the pictures.

Most of the way they got out and pushed since the French Broad is only a few feet deep and their paddling skills were not so up to par.

Happy to be on land.

Viscious tan lines

Sweet hydration

Over it.

Frisco mega blog

Brunt and I went out to Cali for a week. It was epic.

First we had to stop by Charlotte to see Eric and Bishop and of course Izzy.

We dropped in at Saturday Skateboards’ headquarters to see Dave. His mustache is a miracle of modern science.

Basically I’m using Izzy’s cuteness to get more hits on my page. I need to pass Chloe in the rankings.

Izzy runs the tables.

She wins even when she loses.

In flight movie: Mission Impossible 3… Long flight.

But we made it to sweet California.

Rep the Bay tigas.
This is Ben. He just moved out from NC. He drove us around for a few days and gave me a board when mine broke, so he is good people in my book.

NC hills are pretty wuss compared to the ones over yonder in Frisco.

First night we stayed in the city with Ty. This is his plant garden. There were lots of slugs there.

My long lost friend Matt Mercer. We stayed with Matt a couple nights.

I lost my board on the Bart, but Matt gave me another one and I filmed him do tricks.

Ted and Galen drove a UHAUL across the country from Asheville. We ate Burritos every day.

Ty did every trick at this spot first try.

Once every trick had been done he had to find a new game.

Brunt joins in on the fun.

Golden gate park has a lot to offer.

I liked the shadow so I had to get a liiiiitle bit arty…

…Maybe a bit tooo arty…

…Okay we need to leave now.

Speaking of art, I scraped up my hand (it’s a long story), so Bryan arted it.

Dylan celebrated his 19th birthday with a Mexican Gangster themed party. It took us hours to find the spot, but I’m glad me went.

Kyle Lee also lives there and was in full effect.

Authentic Mexican tats for all provided by Kyle Lee.

Time to go esse’

I was really hoping to not see this place for a week.

This is what Brunt would look like if you were a fish.

When Brunt gets lucky I lose six bucks.

When Matt gets lucky I have to move to the living room.

Sexy Tyyyyyyyyyyyme

If you’re going to San Francisco… you know the words.

Brunt can wallride very high.

It does not work to his advantage when he slices his back on fences however.

I like to try to blend with my surroundings

so does Matt.

The Hella Guns movement goes west.

Light art is a California tradition for us.

Bryan and I rode bikes to Indian Rock. It was awesome except that his bike seat was too high and it caused some serious damage to the taint area.

I concurred the rock as I do most things.

On the way back we found a plum tree.

Plums make vegans happy.

Bryan trying to out blog me. He is looking a bit scruffy these days. Lets take a closer look.

Yep, pretty impressive stubbs.

Brunt doesn’t count cause he got a head start.

Somewhere under this jungle of beastly scruff is my face.

Every once in a while I like to take a stab at nature photography.

I think I’m getting pretty good at it!

This kid reminds me of home.

The last couple days of the trip Brunt slept a lot.

Lazy dayyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz

Bryan got a call in the middle of the night from someone he though was his ex girlfriend Chelea saying “I can’t live without you” etc. But it turns out it wasn’t her. She wrote this message above his bed.

We spent our final moments of the trip giving heartfelt goodbyes… To Whitney Houston.

The trip back was kind of a blur. So long San Fran.

Just a lil’ somethin’

I’m heading out to Frisco on Wednesday! Hopefully these can tide you over till the WEST COAST MEGA BLOG!

Loving father or Chester the Molester? What do YOU think?

This was my first time taking part in Belle Chere during the day. It was alright I suppose.

From the looks of it this guy needs to start exploring some other options. I hear Buddhism is hot right now.

Jessy and Kim went out west and left their new house and dog (Laser/Tank) in the care of this man.

Me and some homies entered the 48 hr film contest. It was super fun and Mike (this guy) won best actor. He had never acted in anything in his life prior to this project. Props to him.

I spent so much time trying to make this picture look good on photoshop, but it’s still pretty dumb. I guess cows are just boring.

There are only two reasons to EVER go into Wild Wing Cafe’. And this is one of them.

The dude who’s website you are currently looking at is in town. It’s awsome having him around.

I wonder how many pictures of people jumping into water there are on this website… One more than there was.

There is ALWAYS room for a Vamp grab. Especially one in mid front flip. MolGnar lives up to the name.

A Carolina born Mountain man in his natural habitat.