I will have plenty of new pics to share whenever I get back from the cruise that I’m going on next week with the dude who’s website you are looking at. Jamaica suckaaaaaaaas

Employee of the Month.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a furniture salesman at Biglots. That’s not normally something that I wear on my sleeves, but in this case it is important to my story. Today a guy came in and wanted me to sell him a $400 table set for $300. I said no, but that I would be glad to sell it to him for 400. He told me that he saw the same table in Asheville for 300. I advised that he go back to Ashville and get the $300 table, but he said that they were sold out. He tried a couple other ways to get a discount including offering me 10 bucks to give him my employee discount, until he finally agreed to pay the full price. As I was about to take it out to his car, I got a call from Asheville warning me to watch out for a con artist who was going around trying to get discounts on tables. Apparently he had struck before and had just taken the Asheville store for $150. When I went out to load up his table I told him that his gig was up, and that Asheville was calling around. He got SUPER pissed and started yelling at me saying that he was not a con artist and that he has never even been to Ashville. I interrupted his agro rant to remind him that he had just told me that he went to Asheville right before he came here and that’s where he saw the table for cheaper. “No, that was someone else” He screamed, “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are! I’m from Miami!” I asked him who it was that was in Asheville if it wasn’t him. “Uhh, I don’t remember his name.” He responded.” Then he went inside and asked for the district manager’s phone number. “I’m gonna get your ass fired.” I told him that if he wanted to call the manager and tell them that he was a con artist and that his employee, Mike Belleme, did not let him get away with his scam, then that was fine with me. Then I called Asheville and got a description to ensure that it was the same guy. After that he didn’t have much to say. I should be a fuckin detective huh.


I had to go to court today. I spent like 3 hours sitting there waiting to pay 200 bucks. While I was waiting to go into the court room this one old lady was staring at me and I was kind of wierded out and then she finally said “I used to make beads.” That was the highlight of the day.

This is where I live

Coon Dog Day is a Celebration of the Dogs that hunt Coons. It takes place every July in the town that I live in.

The parade is the main event of Coon Dog Day

It’s a hootin and Hollerin good time

Lots of dancin’ in the streets

All smiles

Southern PRIDE

Me and her is gonna git hitched

Us Southerners are known for our cleverness


I think Myrtle is like the oldest person ever or something


I’m still learing how to do this… I’m kind of computer illiterate. Is there a Bloggin’ for DUMMIES book out yet?