The Last Day

It was difficult to wake up and understand it was our last day in Spain. We had spent 2 full weeks in Barcelona….time flies (only when your having a good time of course). I decided to spend a good portion of the day wandering around the streets in order to get some last minute photographs.

Catalunya is a huge park at the top of Las Ramblas. Its pretty hard to walk through there during the day due to the immense amount of traffic (people that is…)

Everyday there is something new to see.

Everything has a price.

More from the outdoor markets.

Some people choose to bring their own chairs out to Las Ramblas.

Latest Roll

I had some film from Spain that needed to be processed. I shot a few rolls of Medium Format Black and White. Here are a few images.

So much amazing architecture in Barcelona.

There is an outdoor market off Las Ramblas….about half way down the strip. It is held on the weekends….tons of ridiculous food, etc. And of course, plenty of photographic opportunity.

All of the workers stay super busy in order to make enough for the whole week.

Fresh fruit drinks!

Everyone is a lucky customer.

Time to eat, again.

Each corner reveals something interesting…

Sometimes a double exposure is hard to figure out.

Back home again after two weeks.