On and Off Las Ramblas

La Rambla is definitely the most cosmopolitan street of Barcelona; with the greatest diversity of people, passers-by, shoppers, tourists, civil servants, comedians, street musicians, night-birds, and of course prostitutes.. Each day we would spend some time roaming up and down the streets and alleys that accompanied La Rambla.

A typical beginning to our day….fruit stand.

Waiting patiently.

Right outside of the subway from our apartment.

Things you might see around La Rambla during the day.

More amazing architecture from Gaudi

Letting it all sink in.

Preparations for the evening ahead…

Hanging out at Macba.

Down by Barceloneta.

This is what happens after too many liquor drinks.

To many skateboarders worldwide, Barcelona, Spain is considered a goldmine. I was fortunate enough to make it their during the summer of 2003. Little did I know….I would go back in the Fall of 2008, five years later. A few good friends of mine (Rob, Kevin, Johnny, Zullo) and I decided we should take this journey before time runs out… Many of the skate spots are now blown out, but we managed to get our fill.

Barcelona is just an amazing European city to visit in general. There is much for culture, arts, food, music, etc…..and its placed right on the Mediterranean. We were pretty fortunate to have a tour guide for the majority of the trip (thanks, Emilie).

The first batch of photos are from the beginning of the trip. We rented an apartment in what is known as Sagrada Familia. The main attraction in the city center is the famous church itself…..and little did we know it was right across the street from the apartment. For more information, visit:


Skate Magazines saved alot of our downtime in the airport.

Rob is vegetarian…..but loves chicken bones after I devour them.

As soon as we settled in our apartment we hit the streets…..enough said.

First stop for a cafe con leche.

Some had cola without high fructose corn syrup.

For whatever reason I saw this guy all over the place. Lurkin’

Everyone has a different expression…

You can’t just look at the outside of La Sagrada Familia….the inside is just as impressive.

All done by hand.

Its always funny when people realize you are taking a photo of them….and its too late. The stairway is so tight its difficult to get around other people and get a good picture.

Rob taking it all in….pretty epic!

There is an amazing view of the city from the top of the church.

Rob taking it all in again….

More detailed work from Gaudi.

Keeping it tight

After a long day of walking, skating, etc…

Sagrada at night.