Plastic Shots

I haven’t really experimented enough with my Holga yet. However, I was somewhat pleased with the results from the last two rolls…Point and Shoot-its as easy as it gets.

Chinatown-San Francisco

I was really happy with the way this double exposure turned out.

I can’t seem to get enough of SF.

End of the roll.

What you might find in the desert.

Only in Texas.

New Orleans Cemetery

Andrew Schoultz

I recently purchased the book: Ulysses-Departures, Journeys, and Returns. This book contains the artwork of Andrew Schoultz. He has worked on many murals around the city (San Francisco). There are a few located throughout the mission. This stuff is simply amazing.

Its almost impossible to get a bad evening photo down by the bay….I feel these speak for themselves.

There was a FourStar art show at FTC that same evening…..much intended fun.

Thanks Mike for letting us stay at your place for a whole week!

de Young Museum-SF

Visited the de Young Museum in San Francisco for the first time back in February. It was a perfect day to ride bikes and venture out a bit. Thanks to Marion for the free entrance!!!














If you are in the SF area, stop by and check out the deYoung Museum! More info here:

Some things you might just see riding home at sunset…Golden Gate Park.

A view at night from 24th and Mission.

Its not everyday you see someone drinking Colt 45 at noon….not to mention the 2,000 beads that were collected to wear in your hair!! Well, this sure is normal in the upper Haight district of San Francisco.

Went into the new RVCA store on Haight. I liked this bike…and felt it was worthy of a photograph.

After some good ol’ Squat and Gobble.

It’s a Full House.

I love San Francisco for many reasons……One reason I always enjoy visiting is to see the art. All you have to do is walk around the mission!

Enough said for a few hours in SF. Tons more to come…