On the way to the Lakai video premiere, we stopped in downtown LA. Here are a few different views from the fire escape of the loft we visited. I wish I had this view from my place…

Keep Quiet.


I wonder how many people live in this one building.

L.A. or HELL-A.

Silence Is A Funny Fellow

Here are some photos I took down by the bay bridge in San Francisco. I was amazed at how quiet and still the water was on this particular night.

Bay Bridge 1

Bay Bridge 2

An interesting perspective.

Bay Bridge 3

Bay Bridge 4

Bay Bridge 5

Random Images.

I seem to be particularly interested in still life photography…i guess its much easier to capture.


Posted Up.

S.F. California

I recently made a quick trip up to San Francisco while my Mom was in town visiting. Everytime I go there I am more and more impressed with the city, etc. Each morning I would get up and get out as fast as possible to walk around the streets and explore. Here are a few images I found to be interesting. The one downside to a quick trip is the time factor….there is never enough time to do everything while in this city.

This was the first thing that caught my eye when leaving the hotel room the first morning of my stay in SF. This old man was chillin’ hard in the laundry room waiting for clothes to dry.

It wasn’t really cold in SF. I did however enjoy this mural.

There are always many things to photograph in Chinatown. This was a perfect still life prop.

Chinatown is also a good place to hang out your clothes to dry.

So many pigeons everywhere in the park.

A view of the fog coming over the city from California Street.

I am such a tourist. Golden Gate Bridge.

Later in the evening I met up with some friends in the Mission. The Day of the Dead Parade was going on all night.

Frisco….to be continued.

Smoke Filled Lungs

The San Diego Wildfires were pretty insane. I must say I have never witnessed anything like it before. Fortunately I didn’t have to evacuate my home. I did miss a few days of work and breathed in lots of ash and other shitty substances…

Dark Clouds filled the air as the sun was rising. The smoke and ash was very thick…..it was difficult getting deep breaths.

I wasn’t able to get too close to the fires. I live in Downtown San Diego…..the fires were roughly 20 miles east. This is what the sky looked like after the first day of fires.

Smoked Out.

The air was so thick with smoke you could look right into it and it didn’t hurt your eyes.


The fire is in the sky is ours…

Here are more random photos I have recently taken while riding my bike around the city. Needless to say, some are more interesting than others…


Freeway Bridges

This is Bryan.

Night Ryder himself.

Just in case you don’t already know…..Traffic in the greater San Diego area sucks.

the quiet life.