Salton Sea-Part 2

Here are more photos from my first trip out to the Salton Sea. I recently had the opportunity to watch the Salton Sea Documentary by Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer entitled “Plagues and Pleasures.” The documentary is narrated by John Waters and is coming to a town near you. Do yourself a favor and check it out. (


More from Salvation Mountain…

Hammock Life could be much worse.

At least there is something worth looking forward to if you live at the Salton Sea…Sunsets

PELICAN rock the casbah

I recently got to see Pelican play a show at the Casbah in San Diego, CA. If you have never heard them, I suggest you check it out. Pelican is a 4 piece instrumental band from Chicago, Illinois. Their sound is very thick and intricate. All of the guitar and drum work is pretty amazing, especially live! For more info on the band, check out

Mt. Laguna

I was on a solo mission this past Saturday. I decided to drive 60 miles East of San Diego to the Sunrise Highway…..which eventually leads to Mt. Laguna. I ended up stopping off the side of the road so many times to check the amazing views, etc. It was well worth the ten dollars that I spent on gas to get out there. The drive made for a great afternoon.

The area of land in which Mt. Laguna sits is the Cleveland National Forest; the most southern National Park in California. If you are ever in the area, there are plenty of hiking trails, biking trails, and campgrounds.

Flower Power.

This is what happens when rain doesn’t exist…unfortunately fires do.

The good old Sunrise Highway…….full of open roads.

On the way back to San Diego I stopped in Julian, CA. They are famous for their apple pies. The town itself is very old and encompases many run down, but interesting buildings/shacks/homes.