On the way to Punta Cabras, we stopped off at a random restaurant to use the bathroom. In the restaurant area there were tons of old ass beer cans hanging from the ceiling. I thought this was unique.

More hanging beer cans!

This was the actually camping spot. Check out the view…..something rad to see in every direction.

The clouds came through on the first morning.

Many Tecate’s were consumed on this trip. My friend Hodge was on his 12th or 13th beer by mid afternoon.

He then chose to take a nice, long nap…..which then led to even more drinking.

I decided to take a walk around these cliffs. The water would rush in and splash every minute or so….

This is none other than Danny Dean. He was working quite hard on having an Early Retirement. I don’t think he wanted to leave this place.

Danny got so wasted, he decided to climb this huge tower of sorts and take a shit off the top (see the toilet paper in the wind to the right)…..SHIT TOWER!!

Camp Fires are always interesting. We kept throwing these huge Agave plants into the fire……huge flames were the result.


Hodge almost caught on fire a few times.


The Fish Boat was out of commission….at least while we were there.

The Point

More of Punta Cabras…

Coming in strong.