Dear Boto Phlog enthusiasts,
I’m a lazy bastard. I made lots of strides this year including making it through a breakup, getting blackout drunk over and over and over, watching the season finale of Gossip Girl, quitting the cancer sticks, and doing the California AIDS Lifecycle. I also bought a camera battery charger. And I had a birthday. 23 years. Whoa.

Take a loooksee:

Skinny dipping on the AIDS Lifecycle. 545 miles of “Ass plowing” to borrow a phrase.

Gear Truck I guy at night.

Halfway to LA!

bibs only

Killer Kilt

The two Mike’s Bikes Mechanics one of whom I’m sort of in love with.

Roadside Cheerleader Ginger Brulee on red dress day.

Gear out of gear trucks when I was “injured” aka Tired as fuck on Day 6, Ventura.


Candlelight Vigil, 2500 people remembering.





Me and Brenda, my tentmate

Last Day of Riding, into santa monica.

The lovely Renee to meet us at the end. Awesome.

Saw Annie in La La land too

Oh sweet mother of California I ate soo many tacos and burritos when I was home.

Speaking of home, I went and saw this sweet thang… Man I love me some chloe.

Suckface and Bob and Kari were there too and I met Rosemary but she had to study and so she didn’t eat with us.

Then I hung out with Gina and Adri. We took some photo strips I’ll have to scans l8r. Gina’s moving to Spain! Adri has the best job in the world at EFF.

And have you ever seen a sweeter face? Elliot Naidus, on his day off, picked me up and took me to his work. Because I wanted to go to ritual. But he hadn’t told me that he started working there. So I made him go to work on his day off. I’m such an asshole.

Then Mark came to meet up and we ate at Cancun. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

And then I got back to NY and all my friends were here. The only sad thing was that molly got hurt at Leah’s dad’s opening and had to get stitches right by her Achilles tendon and Leah found a wheelchair to wheel her around in. Which made it then kind of awesome.

BIRTHDAY PARTY PIZZA PARTY. Emmy brought Madlibs which made me pee myself a little. Then everybody brought a lot of booze. I think I had a really good time.


SO MUCH PIZZA. Also root beer floats (not pictured)

Prince Andrew and Rayna!!!

Marc brought me a gift wrapped forty of country club. Yeah…

Bennie and Ivy. Good Friends. Good Times.

MY FAMILY WAS THERE! Ann, Hailee, Vincent. John and Vivian came too but I didn’t get a picture of them before they bounced.

All in all. A good 23rd.

BALTIMORE!! Bachelorette Night.

The New Ritz Cabaret.

Francesca’s Fiancee Dave’s PArent’s house’s yard

One of the windows of the church.

Rehearsal Dinner Partytime


Francesca, Dave, Jay.

HA!!!! HA!!!!

record shopping before the weddin’

Max and I hung out on his balcony/roof in the hot hot hot baltimore sun totally hungover.


the USS Constellation where the reception was held. We were bagpiped by a piper from the church to the boat. It was rad.

The DJ was playing all the Jams, seriously all 50’s 60’s stuff.

My “date” Max, I was also using him as part of my gift because I made him play classical guitar for the bride and groom during dinner.

His shoes.

Taking pics with the disposables on board.

CherriMei, F’s little sis and the best flower girl.

After the stress, alcohol.

Luckily, there aren’t any pictures of me while I’m blcked out and tackling people on the dance floor. Which happened.