Just as I started to do this, Iron and wine came on and I got super nostalgic weepy. But I did miss brooklyn and when I got here there were big piles of leaves of lots of different colors and I remembered that it is new and different. There was a tree outside my house in Berkeley- but it was a ginko tree and it dropped a billion of the vomit-fruits in front of my house to get stuck in my bike tires and in my boot heels.

Point being, SF RULEZ.

BART, the opposite of MTA subway… but not nice.

Dinner with Mike and Shelma at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack. Fucking Derishuss!

Jesse P and Leah. My Second home on Highland and Mission.

Almost Puppy pile.

Fancy and Alanna

finegan makes the bed spread. and my legs too.

getting ready for bed.

Mom and Dad Pre-Gaming for Thxgivin.

I made Roasted butternut squash soup with brownbutter and sage.

I know I look korean, but this was just my sister’s dog. Not dinner.

Nosy puppy!

Sleeping sister

Dogfight. Without River Pheonix.

My mom rides Muni.

This was a dog in the Macy’s SPCA window holiday display. It is wearing a Hannah Montana Shirt. I love miley cyrus.

Thanksgiving Part 2.
I should also mention- I never took any pictures for some dumb reason but somewhere in here I went to chloes, got in the hot tub, licked her vagina, and her mom gave me a billion food to eat and then her dad interrupted me in the middle of a sentence to ask, “Can you see when you smile?” I love the Roths. Ruby was there too. But you’ll have to ask Chlo for pictures or Emily.

We leave after thanksgiving meal at Rayna’s to Gordo’s for the real san francisco treat, Burritos. Can you find leah’s face?

Alex Melamed came too. He is the best. He lives in LA now. Rides his bike from silver lake to USC medical school for his Masters in public health.

Then Mr. Adam showed up. You wouldn’t be able to tell from this photo, but this man’s got ideas. REAL bigguns’.

This is a poster of Rayna’s brother, Mike Zussman, hanging on the stairs of her mom’s house. OMG.

We sat around and yelled in Delerium. The night started out amazing and went steadily downhill from this point forward.

this pictures says it all.

Ahh… haight street….

AK’s foot scars. He told me he’d be waiting on 16th and Valencia in a wheelchair.So I told everybody to look for a wheelchair. Then we got there and he was standing and smiled, yelled at my confused face “just kidding” while laughing at me. Bastard. But he then hobbled over like a retarded marionette and I LAUGHED.

Gotta get dem hoodies.

The illustrious Empress of American apparel, ms. Ivy margarita weinglass.

DOPPELGANGER ALERT. If this don’t look like PJ Acerno, I don’t know what do.
PJ is the one with the eyepatch, not the hood.

DOPPELGANGER ALERT 2! This is not who you think it is… it’s actually

..DEREK. i know this is only a partial, but it’s enough to know that Derek Strick is actually Bob Dylan. Fuck.


Who could have guessed that these fingers belong to…

…this hotness. Chelsea is an employee at Gaylords. hehehehe

Mochi and Saki.


Grocery Shopping at highland house means… popcorn chicken and family size bag of shredded cheddar. And the Biggest dream catcher in the history of the world. PANG.

And more of the Highland house, polaroids and pretty junk all over

Here I am burying my face in Leah’s clevage the night she had a run in with.. *ahem… the man. the pigs. etc.

here I am intepretive Dancing with Sean conroy at the animal show at the Charleston.

Here’s us at baker beach. Summertime!

Leah and her spider plant.

this is the last thing I saw before I left for the home and then the Airport. Severed baby doll leg on Highland.

I ate 4 burritos. And a billion chips.
More on Hawaii, weddings, and people later…