Don’t get me wrong, I love the fam. And it’s not that I wasn’t happy to graduate and be with my family… it’s just that it’s pretty stressful and the whole ordeal is long and hot and really unbelievable torturously boring. Have you ever seen lost in translation? My life feels like that. Except without Japan and Bill Murray and Giovanni Ribisi and I’m not Scarlett Johannson.

Berkeley Family

Severely sunburned feet of my mother. (TOTALLY LOST IN TRANSLATION!) I recently got my first pedicure and almost kicked the nice vietnamese lady in the face several times. I’d prefer death to being tickled.

Same mother, now from awkward upward angle to capture the majesty of the oak tree. One dude’s speech that day was done completely in metaphor. But not even good ones, just really bad ones.

The three fattest in the family- Sadly, I am not the one with the biggest tits in my family.

But my sister is the hottest one.

Sylvia, my role model and GSI for ED 100. Total babe, total smarty. I once saw her smoking a hand rolled cigarette outside of the Great American Music Hall. I don’t know why anybody would care about knowing that.

Bianca and RJ were the only people smart enough to pretend to love me long enough to get around 3 free meals over the weekend.

Mama and Habu.