I’ve been demoted.

Bryan put me down lower than the people that are getting tons of hits because they are leading exciting lives and posting lots of pictures. I miss having a camera, and so I stole Adri’s. I’d like to thank Adri for making this blog possible.

My window looks out at the street. I like to change in front of it.

This is Chloe’s Mandolin that I’m learning to play. I changed the strings on it all by myself and bled all over the place!

It’s a Kentucky. Carrying it to my lessons has gotten me a lot of attention.
But mostly from girls with dreadlocks and 60 year old men with long hair on Shattuck that want to talk to me about bluegrass. I was hoping for neo-country hottie hipsters. Damn.

This is the view out my window. We have a smog issue.

Just kidding! I just put my fancy pick in front of the camera lens.

My sister woke me up the next day by sicking two flea bags on me in my sleep. So much better than morning boners.

NOT. not better than boners at all. but good.

My sister is pretty. My family and friends never fail to mention this to me.

Totoro, Mochi, Hera

Mochi gets myspace on it.

Then I told Mochi and Saki to Re-enact a scene from “Take the lead.” These are the images that followed.


Shelma broker her arm doing a nose grind on a rail with her snowboard.

This is the word “Yes” written on Shelma’s arm to remind the doctors which shoulder they were supposed to operate on. More proof that Chloe is right and most health care providers don’t know anything.

Then we went to “The Bake Shop.” If you are a non-vegan- this place is so so so good for scones and “za.”

Shelma c’est muy babe.

The three grumpiteers. Nick Adri B!

Are you hungry? I bet you are now….

3 eggs, Swiss Cheese, Ham on an everything Bagel. Dag.

Later, I stopped by Berkeley Espresso to see how Adri was doing on her thesis #1. The expression is an indication.

Then I went to work.

This is Nick Polansky. I got him his job. He’s going to be a famous architect.

After four hours of screen staring, I took some pictures of the things near my desk or on it.

This is a sticker Bianca gave me that I put on the back of my cell phone. It’s of two dogs frowning and carrying a baguette. And yes, that’s a rhinestone on his ear.

This is the real life dog Chili, the other one Carney is camera shy and will actually run away from you if you try to take his picture. Chili also eats all of his food.

This is what I’m using to quit smoking.
Which I:
a) can’t stop talking about
b) keep having dreams about doing and waking up feeling really guilty. One morning, I woke up from a dream where I had smoked a bunch of parliaments after doing all these drugs. But then I wasn’t sure whether I was more guilty about smoking cigarettes or smoking parliaments.

This is 3rd street. The new light rail is going to bring a lot of development to this already transforming neighborhood. SF is also rezoning all of the industrial into mixed use. Translation: Eastern neighborhood luxury condos for silicon valley commuters and shitty gentrification.

I needed a caffeine fix from around the corner. Piccino is the new pizza spot opened by the wife of the dude that started blue bottle and guess what they serve. Blue bottle coffee. So good. I had the secret San Francisco drink.

Sidewalks are pretty interesting after you’ve been at work for a long time.


We get drunk with my boss here, and he starts saying really inappropriate things all the time. Not to anybody in particular. He’s really really amazing and creative.

This is JFY, another SF favorite. Right around the corner from work.

Gina’s home on SB, so I met her at pop’s for a drink

then bob came. He had a clausthaler.

Then Gina showed us her sweet new ride.

And bob showed Gina his manly manly ride.

Then we laughed at the ridiculous sticker on it. Japanese people are so bananas!

Then Bob and I picked up Karl to go to Leah’s housewarming BBQ. She floated down the stairs in this hot little number. If you haven’t seen her, she now accumulated tattoos of James Brown, a myriad of seashells, and a Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poetry.

Sonja and Melanie were hamming it up. They loved my Guacamole and my Guacamole loved them. Even though I had to make the whole goddamn thing with a cerated bread knife and a plastic fork.

This is James Dean Caruso. I’ve known him for a long time through Annie- and seriously he and Leah are in love. It’s wild.

Lisa showed up and guess what she brought. Guacamole. Great minds think alike. And that was the only food we have because by the time that we got all the groceries, they realized nobody had charcoal. Then after that got going and they throw on a set of burgers and snausages, they realized there were no tongs, spatulas, forks, knives, or utensils of any kind with which to remove the food from the flame.
So dean went to get a spatula and by the time he got back, everything had burned and the old coals had gone out. That’s when I had to leave.

But at least I got to see some of the City’s greatest hits. Hannah, Finegan, and Leah.

Dean, hannah’s numero uno, was also there to relate to us, in its entirety, a “This American Life” episode about the island of Nauru. It’s actually fucking amazing episode from 2003 called “The middle of Nowhere” which you can hear on Thisamericanlife.org for free. I just sent my application in there for the fall internship. They have a TV show coming out on Thursday on showtime. I really really really want the internship. Send me your warm fuzzies.

Of the few things that their house DID have, one was this amazing kettle-fish.

And a selection of novelty cups and mugs. The boob mug has a dark brown/purple nipple and leah was like “I got a mug of your boob hallie!”

bob demonstrated.

And this mug that said “you asked for half a cup of coffee.”

And it’s a half-mug from Marine world, back when it was still in redwood city!

Then I went home

Parent’s house is in bloom.

Best Dog in the world, Roni!

And my fat, flat foot that Leah painted several weeks ago.


Then I did what any person trying to write a thesis would do, I put on Fantasia, got my laptop and got inspired.

It was good.

Happy St. Patricks day, thank you for bringing catholicism to ireland, chasing the snakes out o ireland and ending your pagan shananigans. It is, indeed, a REAL HOLIDAY.

See you in NYC BRY-DOGG!