speaking of old drawings

if alex is gonna post old shit then me too. i’m bummed i missed brunt and mike on the west coast. there will have to be more coast shaking

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me and rachael drinking in 2005. you can’t see it but i’m wearing a merkin
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Post hot tub nipple lick
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this is more recent but i like it because patrick holds kittens like beer bottles
Yep. I started school.
The partying has not yet commenced.

More More More

sorry for the repeat and the upside down one i’m at work

1. Camera Will Be Fixed Soon (Even though it really really wanted to have babies)
2. Following digital pictures stolen/borrowed/shared from animal-band.com in the photos section
The sexiest band in America
3. I drove across the country and it totally ruled
4. Being at work for your last week of summer vacation away from your best friends and warm weather makes hallie a sad bunny
5. The photobooth pictures are from a bar in chicago called the skylark that
a) makes the best mac n cheese
b) has portrait paintings and good music
c) we spent like 5 billion dollars on the photobooth- I was only allowed to keep two strips- but the rest will be installed as they are scanned

gearing up for the road at Rainbow

Leah once beat up my 300 pound bearded Uncle from Houston.

Buckle Up and Spark it Up. Drinking on the road don’t worry about it

I blew out a tire the first night of Driving. Asian Women are actually the next big thing in Nascar. just so you know.

Gambling in Vegas, this is actually my most natural surroundings.
Utah. More than just Mormons.

A lot more.


Hi. I’m in Dix. Wyoming. The gas station didn’t have a and the bathroom looked like your grandmas house with silk flowers and a leather padded toilet seat.

Non Stop Truck Stops. This is one called “Love’s” that they have all across the country on 80 east.


Two Roads (patrick trying to keep himself awake while driving probably)



Daily Truck Stop Happnings

American Dreams

Sparkler Town

Patrick Drops it Like It is Hot

On Top of the World in Chicago…

That is Neat.