My boss Olle has been workign o this Cabin up by Sea Ranch- as the intern I was required to get totally shitfaced, eat BBQ, and play golf. Patrick was going to be my date but then I didn’t want him to miss the World Cup. Which I had to watch in replay later because I felt like my bosss was going to fire me if I didn’t play in the golf tournament.

It turned out to be really really fun. On my way out of the city, I Remembered AK lives a block from me, so I called to see if he was interested and like the party animal he is- he came down, plaid golf shorts and polo shirt and overnight bag in hand. It was a great getup/I think he normally dresses like that.

Sticking to leather seats like tongues to ice cubes



Olle and Chilli and Carne Getting into the 14 deep Cattle Watering Tank/ coolest swimming pool ever

“Look at this hand! it is a dirty nasty whorish hand!”
“Uhh. that’s disgusting.”

Jennifer. Architect/Whale.

Griff, Jen and Francine and some big ass windows.


Yosemite Sam and Wife. (Wylie, lives in Berkeley and he’s hekka tight)

Intern, David, and Bob the pilot neighbor.

I got a new boyfriend. He’s still appended to his dad for the time being but in about…4 years… watch out

Camel Toe


Jeff and Sara- Jeff is the grumpiest cool dude. Taught me how to drive a forklift.

Fucking Shit Man

Sea Side

Right around here is a five hour long golf match that I totally ruled.

back into the fog

The Mouth of the bay.
Wayne, a homey from the firm, now works for Distillery 209. Small local operation. So tight!



I really need a new Camera

So I’m trying some new kinds of blogging because my friend Dean at seems to have a good mix of pictures and words. So i’m going to do some wordsmithing because I’ve been thinking about things. In fact I think about things all the time and that should be shared just as much as all the hilarity and partying!
We are not just wannabe cobra snaking, we are photoblogging and culturally exprssing (hopefull.

I’ve been listening to This American Life non stop since I started work. (More than normal- usually it’s only once a week)

One of the ones from 2005 talked about Soldiers’ blogs.

Which reminded me of the stories ananya (my professor for Urban Studies) told us- in the last day of lecture.
She was talking about how there is no freedom without unfreedom. how utopias and dystopias may not be so different as violence is a vein that runs through both. Referring to Agamben’s theories about the camp:

“the camp has become the “nomos of the modern”. The camp, once constituted at the margins of the city as its exception, has now become the rule.”-The Camp- like refugee camp, concentration camp etc- is a place of extreme surveillance and violence.

Extreme forms of violence in the camp is where the idea of “bare life” comes to surface as “life for whose death there are no consequences.” The Camp exhibits the idea of expendible lives. In the context of the wars we are fighting overseas, it becomes more and more apparent that the concept of bare life is at home in America.
Blah Blah there are wars in our own backyards.(and gated communities ghettos and suburbs exurbs) You’ve heard that before- but what really struck me about these stories was how these specific wars America is waging in Afghanistan and Iraq- is brought home.


“The string of domestic homicides at Fort Bragg began on June 11 when Sgt. 1st Class Rigoberto Nieves shot and killed his wife Nancy, and then killed himself. Sgt. Nieves had been serving in Afghanistan, but returned home before the murder to

I am also not trying to say anything but….

I have a new bf

My Cameras Broke

I may be having tons of fun on other blogs, but in my own world- time has folded in on itself and the whimpering piece of metal that was my camera is laying in wait for me to take it to the doctors.
But since oregon, I’ve discovered the meaning of what it is to be a working stiff. liberally sexualated, but still- a working stiff. 40 hours a week while your friends get drunk and have bike rides and fun in the sun makes me get nostalgic.

Until I fet my film camera I’ll be rifling through the archives and just trying to entertain (taking my cue from Chloner). Last night I dreamt I flew to hawaii and it was amazing. There was ym friend Ayako who I haven’t seen in eleven years and she was teaching everybody how to soak ginko leaves like rhubarb and make this pie out of strawberries. And people kept trying to steal my towel- it was like a swimming camp.

This is who I hung out with everyday Freshman year. Cary and Houston should be in this photo- but that was it pretty much. Chain smoking and drinking whiskey.

Apparently not much has changed since I was 18.

Freshman year dance party in Telegraph commons.

I just like seeing what people used to look like. How tight is the asian glow?!

This is the first night that I met Andrew. For some reason- even thoguh it was halloween I was convinced he just always dressed like a leather daddy. Ths was 3 years ago

Living fast in CZ.

Got my wizzies out last summer

Went to mexico

During special dinner 2005 I kind of fell.

Turns out chloe was always a whore, we just forget sometimes.

I drew this last year

This is Hunan and Taiwan combined. Also from last year

BAck when I still partied at the Lambda house.

London with Paul James and Will.

Fall 2005! WHOOOP

Last summer

We went to an underwear party.

That may have only been entertaining for me.