Swine and Dine

Ah, the good ol salt fields.. that’s when you know you’re home

Also eating Osaka with Alexander is a good indicator

I met up with my dad for lunch at Rocco’s on Folsom. He is where I get all my hip riding style

Dinner at Tartine with Pat and Derek. It is like every girl’s fantasy

Oh wait, actually this is.

Derek really likes the Live in Japan album. I don’t blame him. We all love lying face down in our beds listening to some records for days at a time.

RJ was around for like 10 minutes before he took off for the AIDS ride to LA. He’s probably in San Luis Obispo right about now.

We made sure to eat some Arizmendi before he bounced though.

A Dog!

!!! This dog really really really didn’t like Patrick. He was literally found in the dumpster of a Taco Bell. True Story.

Champ was the friendlier heftier one. Chloe called him the widest dog she’d ever seen.

She and Ashley made it out to the city for some partytime. Chloe is a model. And she charmed the pants off about 5 dudes in ten minutes.


Next day after work Patrick made me dinner- I was drunk off wine because Beirus at the corner store had me drink a bottle with him while I waited to get picked up.

The backyard is magical in the evening.

What is beyond that fog?

Um… yeah.

Don’t forget to come to my birthday party this Friday!!!!! June 9th, 730 PM at BALAZO. 17th and Mission. Animal, the Morning Benders, Best Friends.

Your Rope, You’re Up.

Paris is a ridiculously cool city. Lancaster england on the other hand, is the most hair balls of all places I’ve ever been. Whereas certain places may be dirty, chaotic, dangerous or something to that effect- Lancaster has the highest suicide rate in England with almost 99% of the suicides committed off the top of a six story building at the university- probably the tallest building in town. Besides girls with fake tans, bad food, greasy guys, and a unintelligible accent- the whole place literally smelled like sheep shit.
Hence, most of this page is devoted to the five days I had in Paris.
At least I got to see my friends- which was the whole point of going.


Nick’s Building

This is what happens to you when you play classical guitar like a Savage and chain smoke. You have the most disgusting fingers ever invented. But you are really really sexy.

In the kitchen

Voltaire Metro

You may be struck in the heart by lightening in the metro system

The glass covered Passages- the precursor to the modern department store, mall, and airport. They may have destroyed culture but they sure are pretty.

Training Wheels!

I’ll buy into the spectacle.


Pee on my head

Get a tattoo of your girlfriend’s initial

Retired train tracks

Mike from Belville

This is in the vein of “Mike’s art” and he took me to see these murals.

Chinese people in Paris say “Fuck Craigslist!”

Purple tongues omigod wine is so cheap

We went to the cemetary where Chopin, Proust, Merleau Ponty, Oscar Wilde, and Jim Morrison are buried. It was huge, labyrinthine, and creepy pretty.

Hi I’m in a Cemetery

I found out that one of my best friends from high school got this intese research grant to to to and Ecole university that’s like the MIT of France to do chemistry stuff for the next two months. His name is Elliot Naidus and he’s a genius. He manages to look like a hobo in lots of pictures.

outside luxenbourg

going up

Mike does chess workshops at these amazing squats. PEople just take over buldings and it goes to court and a lot of times- they end up having more rigths than the original owners of the buildings. they do community organizing and political activities and it’s wort of the cleaner, more sophistocated co-op.

this dog lived at the “Tabac” around teh corner
nibbled my ear.

POMPI-DONT or Pompidou

Max always looks like this

Baguettes, deadly and delicious

Mikey needed a haircut, I obliged


Painting in the cuban restaurant. That was a delicious meal

Elliot looked at my boobies

Max was drunk and couldn’t succeed in putting the light on.

Liverpool from a plane

four days later, I’m about te leave and Meoldy and her boyfriend took me to town. Previously we have been watching grey’s anatomy in her dorm room for hours at a time.

At “Revolution”

Necking in da club

Melody was supposed to go to london with me to kick it. but- as it was both a bank holiday and highly inconvenient for her to come for 5 hours- I went on my own and walked around looking at the stores and breathing in that sweet londong fog.

Around the corner from my hotel- I found that I Was in Soho- and really close to the best shopping spot in london (where foot patrol and the hippest stores were) at Carnaby Street.

I ran into these people at a sneaker store called “Size” and we struck up conversation- then this guy ben was like “Do you know Temple Tattoo?” and I showed him my Derek Snograss arm fish and he showed me his Derek Snodgrass Arm Tattoo. Whoa.

They invited me to go along for a drink with a bunch of these nice people and they turned out to be the coolest

Heidi, just finished school and is probably my soul mate. she’s knew all about old american country music and new indie stuff and had just finished making a documentary and had started a feminist art rock band called the Thundercunts. Not to be confused with Stephen Segalls’ rock band “Thunderbox”.

Serena 21, also attending school for music production type stuff or set and light design-something rad. She was hekka nice. That weird hand thing is another thing that Paul made- it’s a gnarly belt buckle hand thing for his design company.

Serena me and Nana. Nana’s little sister plays harp and he was super rad as well.

Paul got wasted and started showing us all his photos on his PSP.

Along in my hotel at 5AM before getting the tube to Heathrow.

It’s bright really early in England.

But I made it home. That’s the next post. I want to wander around the world by myself some more.