It’s been a rough week for me. Semester is winding down, I’m ovulating and alone. It’s hard going to class and working your brain muscle so hard, thinking critically, analyzing every aspect of the males in your class from their hairline, accessory choices, bags, to their shoes, hands, shoe size, hand size and then trying to make eye contact to see if any of the ones worth sleeping with are even about to give you the hairy eyeball.

Luckily, there are mountains of reading, papers, preparations for Earth Week and delicious meals to be had. I found a little time to get out. but barely.

Adri has been shopping.

AK and I went to radio for the owner’s wife’s Bday bash. $PBR and $4Jameson!

THERE WAS A POGO STRIPPER. This was not helping my state of mind.

Pat Benetar’s Heartbreaker.
That’s the bday girl on the left. She’s faking the surprise- i heard they do this every year.

There was hekka glitter stuck to his butt.

Dorian and I are twinsies. Except he’s a guy.

AK has that look in his eye. Like he’s a homosexual. (somebody has to be made fun of while Bryan is gone)


“You think you’re horny. I had to take the batteries out of my TV remote today” -Anonymous

So we were persuaded to go to a party at 30th and MLK and while the female stock was high- the male stock was hard to distinguish because everybody’s pants were so goddam tight.

like this guy’s. Seriously.


Either that or I just really really really really want oral herpes. Important to note, I really think kissing’s great. Everyone should do it. More. All the time. I could use some kissing right now. But I can’t have kissing because i’m in class. So.. I have to wait until people get drunk. Lame.
I mean, if you’re gonna shake hands or touch babies, you might as well because it’s awesome and you’re probably getting 80% fewer germs than at a salad bar and 200% more pleasure.
These pictures of examples of how to kiss. A lot. And be totally sober. Except for prescription drugs of course. Over the counter cough syrup also doesn’t count.




Chloe Booby

Cookie Monster

Nikola isn’t even enjoying this.

Kari Booby


Anya Waddduppp

Everybody else starting to get int he mood.


I may be a whore, but nobody holds a candle to the whoriest whorey McWhoreton- Alex Harris.

Caroline (not my mom)

Sean’s birthday party was not without casualties.

Bay Bridging

Meng is 56. They broke out the xmas present i got them.

What we can all draw from this is “less tease and more please”. There is a world full of luscious lips out there, sure some may be wet sponges, dead fishes, or tight lipped bitches but whatever

Spring Broke

Isn’t hard when 99% of people you have loved and start to love are located 3,000 miles from your vagina?
Tuff Love.
Makes for a pretty scattered geography of being: body destroyed in Oakland, Mind and Heart running a muck in New York. I guess that is was daydreaming is good for.

On a lighter note, I had the best week of my life. Go grab a nice frosty glass of lemonade, this is a long ass post

We fell asleep when we got off the plane because we took a red-eye. Not okay.

Sick sculpture exhibit at Boston University.

Alejandra and Yaydri love the dick.

RISD kids are weird

I made it to New York and woke patrick up at 2 in the afternoon so we could go party in Brooknam. Pat looks pretty inuit, besides being 6’5″ and white.

My favorite Animal. Crackers. They were like throwing up gang signs for like thirty minutes.

Is it just me or do these two look HELLA similar. Ivy is way prettier. And her dick is bigger.

Alexander and I getting natural.

Boob Shot. I’m going to invent an attachment you strap on at parties That takes ONLY boob shots. You could be all “Hey, get in here for the real thing.” And go in for a hug or a convo and CLICK. Boobs on film

Kyle is the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the earth. I told Hannah to get in there for a sneakshot.

So we totally stayed up till 7am and had to take the train all cracked out back uptown. Happy Birfday Miss Hunt.

Walk around the Resivoir which has been in a number of SVU episodes and i think a feature film with Dustin Hoffman.

Washington Square Park. I walked over there after lunch and found this gangle of hoodlums totally wasted on Sparks at 1 pm on Monday. Word.

Katamari Damacy all nighhht looonnngg.

The red Jacked RJ was wearing was very likely the most brightly colored thing in all of New York

Whatchoo know about Mixed Vegetable Uta Prang, Veggie Soup, I fucking love coconut chutney, Samosa, Vegan fried chicken.

Straight to the dome.

On our way to 9th St. Espresso

Radical, the whole fence was like this!

But I had to leave because Yaydri doesn’t like taking the subway by herself after that one time she left her bag on the seat with her favorite tanktop and 7jeans, and got on the wrong train, and tried to go back and asked some cops what to do and they asked to see her ID and told her that she was responsible for the death of Christopher G. Wallace (aka Biggie Smalls). So I went to pick her up on Canal street. And then we went uptown to eat pizza as long as your forearm.

This was stuck to the glass at the pizza place.

DAMN GINA. (she is so fine)

Kiki Gina Hallie. Where is Reneee

We were thinking about her. She loves those lemon home-run pies and an abundance nasty fat kid shit. Powedered Blueberry Krispy Kreme, etc.



Philosophy students at the Hungarian Pastry Shop. This is where to go to find a date- if you’re into the whole angsty, coffee drinking chain smoker, depressed intellectual thing. Don’t let Pat trick you with the smile, these kids are all crying on the inside.

Angelus Novus

Leah’s butt while walking up one MILLION flights of stairs. I dont know if it was the dancing, the drinking, the fucking, the kickball, the bull riding, or these stairs, but I pulled something in my knee and I think it was the stairs.


Rayna. Finegan.

Ivy ate a ridiculously big carnivorous dinner and she got sick on our way to Mona’s. Nasty!

Beginning of the night- still conscious.

Granny Panty Make Sesh.

Oops, silver paint on my arm. Robin wiped it tho

Annie Robin Yaydri’s finger. I don’t know if Robin’s name is with an I or a Y

Facial hair gets me pretty fucking hot and bothered.







Am I blacked out? yes.
Did I try to make out with everything that walked in the bar? Almost.
Did I succeed? Maybe. Can’t really say, don’t have pictures of everything.

Fish Face. And the girl my ex boyfriend is sleeping with. Sweeeet

This creepy russian dude totally peed in front of us and then grabbed adri for a photo-op.



Is that the biggest vegetable or is that Annie? ……..

Moral of that story- drunk+camera+emotional diress= uncontrallable behavior and blackout time. Yikes.

Petrified Squirrel discovered by Leah as she stopped to tie her shoe on the knot of a tree.


Hella Tough



Suzette is the best lesbian


Could I get some more valium over here?

Do I love White Castle? (YES! HELL YES)



Rainbow Face & Wyeth

Central Park

Waiting for the kickball to arrive


Warm and sunny and pretty and soft and sweet

About to tear these little fuckers some new assholes.

Go Leah!


Yeah we were kicking it playing kickball with minors. Yeah we brough OE and brown bagged it.

Brown Bag Bitches

The kickball gang.

Fucking Hippies. (At this point my blog is a toss up between being called “I LOVE IVY” or “I LOVE PAT” or “I LOVE DOGS” because i have to devote an entirely separate entry for the amount of doggie photos I took.)

Patrick the giant. (See?! I am a sick lady. Emphasis on the lady.)

Oh my god am I serious.

Sad Penguins yes I am.

Don’t let these people see your camera. It just get returned withou fifteen pictures like this and a few of them flipping the bird or just the chin.


I got on top. Ivy can’t beat this.

An she lost her shoes.

Ladeez. Open Bar on rivington. I don’t even remember going here. And I had a number of beverages and I don’t remember anything following this except ralphing in a trash can on the street.




WHAT?! Yes.. that is me in the background.

Next morning, I was zombie status but I put on a dress and met up with these folks. Parker Yaydri and Jon, it ruled for ten minutes. Then I had to try and recover the rest of my belongings.

Jaminsky was in town, he met me at leah and rayna’s. So cute.

Airport. YAYDRI

Boy, what a week. Hot damn. Time for sleep.