Rainbows totally NOT overrated. Now if I can just get a picture of a unicorn, Chloe will believe in physics. And I know Jacob already posted a picture of one in berkeley. What can I say

AK pointed this out to me on my fridge, and I did not laugh. Not one bit.

To San Francisco

If I.. Were the kinggg of the jungle

Fucking Yuppies

I am naked. Whoa
If the weather could make up it’s goddam mind, maybe I could be happy.
Saturday Night, Gina’s dad threw her a party because she’s back from school and it was a RAGER. So I took my ass across the bridge in an hours worth of traffic to get down. They usually get so trashed and her dad will roll up a pant leg and start doing Jay-z impersonations.


Mariachi’s make everything better. We’re starting our own Mariachi band when I get to New York.

We all stood in the kitchen to listen, I was pretty much singing really loud and pretty much didn’t know any of the songs. Or spanish.

Gina told her dad that his face looked like an old vagina. Which begs the question, how does gina know what old vagina looks like?

Sweet Mariachi Thighs.

This chick had some Gucci boots and some Valentine dunks in her bag. She thought she was the shit.

Gina’s friend Nate came to SF with his family for vacation. He took bart over from downtown and got off at 24th and Mission. We found him hiding in McDonald’s because nobody would tell him where Alabama street was and they all wanted to hustle his adorable, white, new york butt.
Then I had to go hom eand watch three episodes of Law and Order SVU with my mom. It was a great night.

My mom painted an amazing portrait of Roni.

Mochi knows her roots, we got her in some ethnic gear.

We have the same bike. I just vomited in my mouth a lot.

Midterms have been a bummer. So I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at things that I see all the time. That is redundant. Don’t totally give a hoot. Throw grammar and spelling to the wind! Drive bryAn krazy from halfway across the werLD don’tmindspacingandpunctiationeither.


mundane morning decisions.


My motto

B is for (look for the hard copy in Logan’s Zine)

Inuit distractions from my paper

Afternoon + Venetian Blinds

the world exploded.


Lezzie Tongue

Lanky 2-D Painting. i.e. Egon Schiele


In honor of Chloe’s friends…
“We die. We die Rich with lovers and tribes. Bodies we have entered and swum up like rivers.”

Bikes Mustaches Bitches

Aaron and I ran into Jackie on our way out of Huf on Hayes. She had to be the bessed dressed person I’ve ever seen- gold velour sweat suit, Huf hat with Matching shirt, bomber jacket, and some shiny new chucks. She told us to go into the bar because she makes “popcorn so good it’ll make you wanna slap your mama in the face”


breakfast at sparky’s

Art is lame!