I saw Stephen King tonight @ City Arts and Lectures. He’s pretty much like my favorite writer in the whole world, so the bottom line is that I was pretty fucking stoked to see him. He didn’t disappoint; he said pretty much everything I wanted to hear and then a little bit more. For you high art motherfuckers that don’t read genre fiction: he told this story tonight about how some lady accosted him in the aisle of a supermarket in Florida and said, “I know who you are–you write those horror things.” and went on to say “you should write something nice, something like the Shawshank Redemption.” And she didn’t believe him when he responded that he did, in fact, write the Shawshank Redeption. I don’t know why I had to tell you guys that–I guess it’s just a funny story.

He’s really straightforward and unpretentious about writing. Literary magazines go on the bottom shelf at the bookstore under the title “Shit Nobody Reads” and the only people who buy them are people who would like to be published in them. He said some nice things about McSweeney’s but pretty much said that short stories were a sickly thing these days, which I guess he would know because he is currently editing the next installment of the best american short stories. The current state of short stories may or may not be big news to you–you probably don’t really give a fuck–but for me it was just nice to hear. I think that has something to do with why he’s up there on my favorite writers list; he can tell me the shit that seems like it was obvious and always there but that I had never actually heard anyone say.

Anyway–you can hear it all on the radio at some point, so I’ll spare you the play-by-play. But here’s a crappy, half-assed picture to go with my crappy half-assed post.

Back row, motherfucker.


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12/31/06 (Sunday) Stephen King

View From The Top

I love Sunday night because I go to sleep really early to prepare for Monday morning, which tends to look a lot like this.



Too Little; Too Late

Okay–I know that no one is going to read this until it’s too late–but you should all get somewhere not-too-bright from the hours of midnight to three a.m. and dress warm and look up to see some falling remnants of halley(hallie?)’s comet burning up in our atmosphere. I’m going to Lawrence Hall because it’s usually pretty clear up there and I’m pretty excited about getting some wishes on wholesale.

Discovery VGA: Sunrise Earth

My brother drives me to work every day. We both work in the city and he has a car so we carpool. Unfortunately, this involves getting up while it’s still fucking dark. He goes to wherever he goes and does whatever carpenters do, and I sit at EMB and wait for my office to open, and I think about that one part in sight unseen where they show the old footage of the city. I don’t think of actual old footage of the city, I think of newer transworld videos that reminisce. Usually it just gets light. The light falls diffused and the hills do that thing where three-dimensional topography looks like purple cardboard. But a couple days ago I went down by the water and saw the sun come up.